Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poor Neglected Blog

So its been a while since I've updated the blog. Shame on me I know. I should be better about this. At the very least it would serve as a diary of homemaking, which could be quite useful if utilized properly. Oh well I digress....

I've been busy like super crazy busy!! Mostly with the garden and canning which is all day job some days.

I've been more involved with helping my Pap. He needs someone to write out the bills each month and that has fallen to me. I'm still taking care of hubby's Gram. Her health is declining and more rapidly than I am ready for to be honest. She still continues to live alone and handles most everything except paperwork, she has me now do her monthly bills as well. And I am running a lot more errands for her since she has given up driving.

The kids are growing like crazy. My big fella is in the 7th grade now, my middle guy is in the 3rd grade and my princess started preschool. Time is flying by.

I've been busy just plain busy. Kids, gardens, grandparents, Life, Church, and the list goes on. But we're blessed and we know it. Some days are just longer than others is all.

We've had some employment scares, in that my hubs company has been downsizing over the past few months. We were really concerned that this month was going to be the month that he was laid off but thankfully he was spared. Uncertainty is a scary scary thing.  I pray that he continues to retain his job.

In the mean time I am trying to downsize here at home and cut our spending as much as we possibly can. I am more than ever committed to an emergency fund. In the past my emergency fund has always been my pantry.In the event of a financial issue I've been able to forgo grocery shopping and reallocate the grocery funds to whatever financial issue had arose at the time. All made possible by a well stocked pantry and a little insight into stretching meals to make them last. I still think this is a good practice, and will continue to do so as long as I am able. But with this recent lay off scare I am more encouraged to put an emergency fund in place. So now the job is finding places that I can pinch a penny or 2 to stow away and help my emergency fund to grow. Pennies aren't much but they add up to dollars eventually.

That's my update such as it is. I won't make any promises but I do hope to blog more.
Till then,
Be blessed and be a blessing!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Almost forgot.... Menu Plan Monday

Monday 7/7- Beef and Veggie Stir fry over rice
Tuesday 7/8 - Whole Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn
Wednesday 7/9 Chicken and Dumplings
Thursday 7/10- Taco/Nachos
Friday 7/11- Homemade Pizza
Saturday 7/12 Broiled Salmon, Baked Potatoes, Broc

Thursday 7/10 is also my 15th Wedding Anniversary, however its a scout night and so we'll be busy with that. My poor hubby is so busy with work and scouts lately I'm not even sure he remembers its our anniversary :(

Monday July 7th 2014

Good Morning!!

We're back home now after a trip to the Pediatrician's office for a 4yr old check up which included shots-3 of them :(  Needless to say, the rest of our day will be low key!! At least for the 4yr old!! I've promised a laid back, movie marathon and snuggling kind of day!! She's happy to indulge!!

I've got lunch cooking, Spaghetti was the request from the mini pin cushion.I'm using leftover sauce from last week, just waiting on the noodles to finish cooking then we feast!!

The rest of my day will be spent catching up on the laundry, I also have some mending to do!! Just general housework.

Dinner tonight is Beef and Veggie Stir Fry over rice, I've got some chicken tenderloins thawing that I'll bake to go with dinner tonight for my non-stir-fry eaters and I'm cooking more than I need so that I can have leftover chicken to make chicken salad for lunches this week.

That's my day!! Just catching up on housework chores and spending time with my people :) Enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday July 1st 2014

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it is July 1st!! Seems like only yesterday we were complaining about our extra long extra cold winter, now we're walking out the door and immediately bursting into a sweat because its near a 100* with equally high humidity.

My last post I mentioned that we were all wrapped up in car drama. The bad news is the insurance co. did finally (after go back and forth for over a week) deem the hubs car a total loss. We felt early on it was going in that direction, So when it was finalized we wasted no time in looking for another work car for him. Thankfully we found one and purchasing it was just as eventful and dramatic as going round and round with the insurance co and the body shop at the beginning of this car wreck headache.  Thankfully all the kinks were worked out and we are again a 2 vehicle family. I feel good knowing my hubby has reliable transportation back and forth to work (he's a commuter) but on the downside we now again have a car payment.

So here we are working out a new budget that includes a car payment. Its going to be tight again while we get into a new spending routine but we've been down this road before and we've always made it work and we will this time again. Faith!! Its a mighty powerful Ally!!

I'll be paying much closer attention to our spending. I've already been grocery shopping for the month of July and we'll be sticking closely to our menus and hopefully the only thing we will need as the month progresses is milk and fresh veg. The garden is starting to produce ( I picked 5 zucchini yesterday) and that will come in handy as we are able to eat fresh and put up the surplus for the winter and year to come!!

Here's our menu for this week:

Yesterday I worked in the garden weeding all day, so come supper time I was pooped!! We had an easy dinner of pancakes, eggs and sausage patties.
Tonight: Spaghetti with meat sauce and Manicotti for those who aren't fond of spaghetti we're a 50/50 family Half of us love spaghetti and don't care for Manicotti and the other half of us is the exact opposite loving Manicotti and disliking Spaghetti. I'll make some homemade french bread to go with this meal.
Wednesday: Beef fajitas with Rice
Thursday: Leftovers or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, hm applesauce
Friday: 4th of July- More than likely cooking out with family and I'll make a couple dishes to take along!!
Sarturday and Sunday The Weekend menu is up in the air, we will definitely be eating out of the fridge freezer and Pantry but I'll let the Hubs decide what we're feasting on!!!

Enjoy your day, I'm off to make some lunch for my kiddos and switch the laundry and start another load!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

God's Got This!!

Geez, what a week!!

Yesterday my hubby called to let me know that he had been in an accident and his car was smashed. But he's fine and that is what is most important to me. Cars can be replaced, he can't so you can bet I am thankful that it was just the car that got smashed.

So we go through the normal back and forth with the insurance company, arranging towing and claim adjuster visits, rental car business and so on. Hopeful that it will be salvageable and we will just dust ourselves off and continue on.

Today he calls to tell me that the body shop is waiting to hear back from the insurance Company but more than likely they will deem the car a total loss and make us an offer on the wreckage. :(

As soon as we get the official word we will weigh our options and proceed from there but more than likely now starts the process of looking for another car, getting financing and so on and so on.....

STRESS, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, yeah we got it all and healthy doses of it.  We had JUST paid off that car, READ  like we've only had a free and clear title for about a month or two.

But to be honest I'm not stressing it. We will figure it out like we always do. We may be down but we won't be down for long. I know God's Got This. And I think knowing that is the only thing that is keeping me from flipping out. We've been through worse and we'll get through this. I know we can and we will!!

I've already got ideas floating around in my head on how to reduce our bills and such even farther. I'm definitely going to put more than just thought into a fall garden I'll make it a reality now. Every little bit helps and we've got to be able to cut our budget to handle another car payment. If this payment is the same as the last one we'll be fine, it will be tight like before but we'll be fine, if this new payment is more than the last then we'll definitely have to tighten up a bit more than we expected but it can be done and it will be ok.

I know it will because GOD'S GOT THIS!! And I am so thankful he does!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday May 28th 2014

Good Morning!! I'm sitting here drinking my last cup of coffee for the day and then I must get busy here at home. I have alot to accomplish today.

So far this morning I have:

Packed 2 lunches - Hub's and our oldest's, my other son decided to buy today
Hubs and the two boys are off to work and school
Made breakfast for my little miss

To do today:
Work up the rest of the green onions for the dehydrator
* check on drinks and make tea and lemonade as needed
* check on lunch making supplies and bake, prepare lunch items as needed for the remainder of the week
* lay out chicken to thaw for dinner
* straighten and clean up
Laundry- Should have 2 -3 loads
Straighten livingroom- sweep and mop floor
Straighten Bathroom
Straighten hall way
Trash- get all gathered and ready to go to dump for tomorrow
Grocery list and coupons- keep working on finalizing list and clip coupons  ( I'm behind on my clipping - BOOOO)

That's enough to get me started I think. I hope to get all that done and then some!  And if there is time left in my day after meal preps and chores I hope to work on some sewing!!

Lunch today is either sandwiches or leftovers or something quick and easy
Dinner tonight is Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and a veg just not sure which one yet :)

Have a Blessed Day!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday 5/21/2014

Good Morning!!

Another day at home for me today :) and yes I'm happy about it!!

Today I plan to bake bake bake!! I want to make some breakfast muffins and snack cakes. I have a fair amount of things that need attention here. General straightening and setting everything right about the place.

And then..... And then I hope to sew!! My girl needs some clothes that are appropriate to wear. I've not found in town anything that is to my liking or that my wallet liked. The clothing is either too short for my tastes or too expensive so the only other alternative I have is to make her something. I don't normally sew clothing so wish me luck ? If this little shorts and top experiment turn out then maybe just maybe I'm on to something here!! Which will be a blessing considering she starts preschool in the fall. I could very well be sewing quite a lot. Now to find a way to do it inexpensively!!

Dinner tonight is Chicken Alfredo, Yum!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Tuesday!! 5/21/2014

Good afternoon!!

Today is a day spent at home for me. And thank goodness too because there is a lot that needs to be done around here!!
 I'm behind on the laundry, dishes and the trash needs taken away.
 Then there is the cleaning up of the rest of the house, coupons and grocery lists, and I bought a new pattern and some material to make miss priss some shorts that her father will approve of. Really the clothing available for even little girls is just too SHORT, there is hardly an inseam at all. Blech!! So hopefully I can put together some cute outfits for her.

That's my day today, just busy and home :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Menu Monday

Monday- Pancakes and Sausage

Tuesday- Fried Chicken Salad, baked potatoes

Wednesday- Chicken Alfredo over Penne, broccoli

Thursday - Chuck Roast, mashed potatoes, green beans

Friday- Hmmm undecided and the weekend is up in the air too, lol  Maybe I need more coffee, lol

Our Weekend

Another busy weekend is behind us. I cried Uncle late last night and declared the Weekend the victor as I was applying Aspercream to my legs and taking Advil in hopes that I could have a pain and ache free night of sleep.

Our weekend started out busy and stayed that way right up until dark last night when we called it quits.

Friday the kids were out of school due to flooding and boy did it flood. When we went to bed on Thursday night it sounded like someone had just turned the water hose on and laid it on top of the roof. The rain didn't even sound like rain it sounded like pouring water from a faucet.

With both the boys home from school we went out to get the supplies for the Scout Troop lunch on Saturday. It was a very simple lunch- cold cuts, chips, apples and juice.

Saturday we got up early, I packed us a lunch in the cooler and we all loaded up and met the Scout Troop at the church. We situated the scout lunch stuff in coolers and packed extra drinks and we were off. 5 cars full of Adult Leaders and Boy Scouts headed to Gettysburg, PA. It was an all day excursion, we visited the Military Museum, watched a movie, took in the Cyclarama and then visited the Museum and gift shop. Then we drove a little ways taking the car tour around the battlefield till we found a spot to pull off and make lunch. We set up all the lunch fixings on a rock wall buffet style. The Boys and Leaders could go through the "buffet" and make whatever lunch sandwich they wanted. We had Turkey, Ham, Salami, cheese, Chips, Apples and juice. I had packed our lunch ahead of time to after all that walking we chose to just lunch in the car. I got our softsided cooler out of the trunk and we just ate our packed lunch in the car. We had a similar lunch, sandwiches, chips/pretzels, apples, peanut butter crackers, water. Then we cleaned up, packed up and took in more of the car tour. Then headed home. We met back at the church to drop scouts off to parents and then called it a day. After a long day of driving and walking, hubby treated us to dinner at Outback. I was back home in in bed before 10. I have no idea when the boys went to bed, but Little Miss and I were out!!

Sunday we got up showered and headed to church, Hubs and the boys stayed home. When I got home from church Hubby sent me to get our gas cans filled while he worked in the yard. I filled the cans and came back home, hubby was ready to go so we left the kids here to watch a show, headed to town. I dropped Hubby off at Lowes to get fencing supplies and a few other things we needed while I went next door to Target for Sugar and Dog food. I met up with Hubs and Lowes and I picked out a few more plants while I was there. Then we grabbed a fast lunch and then headed home to have lunch with the kids. After lunch we gassed up all the equiptment and he went to work on the garden fencing and tilling while I got on the mower and started mowing. After I got the yard mowed I helped hubs in the garden. We planted 23+ tomatoes, 6 bell peppers, 1 tabasco, 2 cayenne, 40 onions and 2 pumpkins- YES REALLY, and YES I did just plant over 100 seeds at Paps but the hubs said those were old seeds and what if they don't come up. So I just went with it, lol We worked till dark and then called it quits. I was D.O.N.E!!

Still to plant is the beans, cucumbers and any other plants that the kids started from seed that have made it. But that is for another evening,lol

And that was my weekend!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Please Lord, let it be fruitful"

This is the prayer that slipped past my lips on Tuesday.

Tuesday with the help of my mother, my Aunt and my Pap -who at 77 mostly supervised we put in about an acre of garden. I'm not great with measurements but that was what the told me and by the time we were done it felt like a football field size garden, lol I was one tired, dirty but pleased lady!!

So what did we plant exactly?? Well we planted:

6 Yellow Squash
6 Zucchini
6 watermelon
6 cantelope
1lb of corn
2 lbs of beans (2 different kinds)
100 lbs of potatoes
24 better boy tomatoes
6 yellow tomatoes
24 cucumbers
12 Bell Peppers
8 purple cabbage
12 green cabbage
2 rows of green onions - these actually still need to go in but I left room for them
100+ pumpkin seeds - Yes really, I don't know what I was thinking either, it was the last thing I planted and I think the heat was getting to me and I lost all reason and just went with it. Truth be told, I planted old seed, I don't even know if any of them will come up, I'm betting on most of them not but if they do, at least I can put the pumpkins in the basement come harvest time because they won't need to be worked up all at once.

Oh and this is the garden I planted at my Paps house. He doesn't garden any more but he doesn't mind helping if you want to garden, he just won't put one out for himself. He played supervisor most of the day, lol, it was a good job for him, he has a hip that doesn't like to cooperate much.

We got a really good rain  that evening after it was all planted, and so it was just in time.

I still plan to plant the garden at our house too, its not anywhere near as massive in size as the garden at Pap's but it certainly has worked to keep us fed and that is a blessing. We hope to get it planted this weekend. Weather permitting.

I am hoping to cut my grocery bill way down by being able to can most of the harvest from both gardens. Money continues to get tighter, my boys eat like men and soon our youngest will be headed off to school so I know expenses will only continue to increase.

I don't have control over paychecks, but I do work hard to keep our other bills low as I can so we can manage with what we have. With the costs of things continuing to go up this has been a constant struggle. I'm hoping the garden will alleviate some of the cost of feeding my family.

"Please Lord Let it be Fruitful"

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday 5/7/2014

Good Morning!! My hubby is off to work, and my boys are off to school. So far this morning I have packed dh's lunch, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, moved the load of laundry I washed before bed to the dryer and started another load of clothes in the waser. I promises rain to day so it looks like the dryer will get used more than I'd like today but I can't let anyone go bare so it is what is is!! Now, I sit here enjoying my coffee and thinking about the rest of  my day.

*I need to pull something from the freezer to thaw for dinner tonight.
*Continue on with laundry and hope to stay on top of it, considering the very busy weekend we will have, I can't get behind.
* Plant the herb seed I didn't get to yesterday
* Tidy Kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and hall, then sweep or vacuum.
* Replant some cucumbers by seed. We had some come up and not make it or not come up at all, So I intend to reseed and hope for the best
* Call dh's gram and check in on her
* Call my pap and check in on him

Lots to do as always, this list is just the highlights, lol

Hope you have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday 5/6/2014

I'm a list maker, I love lists. They help me get things done when my mommy brain gets frazzled!! I follow Brandy at, she's a list maker too. She makes lists of what she wants to accomplish for the week, as well as lists of what she actually accomplished for the week. Its helpful I'm sure to her or I imagine she wouldn't take the time to do it. Lists are very helpful to me. So I thought I would share my list with you.

My goals for today are to:
*Take my middle son to school- normally he catches the bus but I need to pick up a few things from town so I'll drop him on my way
* Go to the Market and pick up a chicken and a few other things I'll need to make some soup for my husband. I believe seasonal allergies have gotten the best of him and he actually has a sinus cold and maybe even a sinus infection brewing. HOMEMADE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP to the rescue....or so I'm hoping, if nothing else it will be a comfort to his sore itchy throat.
* Plant more herbs
* Finish up laundry from yesterday- I had a bunch to start with that needed folded, then I washed and hung out 3 loads to dry, and today I need to put it all away as well as wash a load of whites.
* Clean up my house, and get it company ready before Friday
* Make list of what I need to make for my oldest son's scout troop's bbq fundraiser dinner that is being held this weekend. (Parents are in charge of desserts and I'll need to make a few)
*Order supplies for a large cupcake order that I'll be doing the beginning of June :)
* Clean out my fridge- its over due and scary, lol
* Clip my coupons, ad-match, make my grocery list

And you know as a mom there's more that needs to be done but I'm drawing a blank, so I'll stop now but who knows I may be back to add more!! 

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday 5/5/2014

Happy Monday!!

Plans for today are to catch up the dishes and the laundry, and then work on cleaning up the house!!

Not sure about dinner, I'm thinking it may just be hotdogs at the campfire at Cub Scouts tonight, lol

Have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Menu this week 4/28-5/3/2014

Monday: I made  a Pork Loin Roast in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, and leftover corn from Easter Dinner

Tuesday : Unstuffed Peppers using leftover rice I made for Taco Night last week, fried Potatoes, and green beans

Wednesday: Beef and veggie stir fry, using leftover rice from taco night last week

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner- Sausage Patties, eggs and Potato cakes made from leftover mashed potatoes on Monday night

Friday: Hm pizza

Saturday: Grilling out!!! Greek Chicken, garlic roasted potatoes, green beans

Tuesday April 29th 2014

Good Morning!!

Its been just over a week since my last post. Brandy over at posted her weekly Frugal recapm she is so encouraging in her blogging and her website is equally helpful, she encourages us all to learn from each other in our sharing of our frugal ways and so I thought I'd share here some of the things I've done this past week to help stretch the paycheck that my husband works hard for just a little bit farther!!

Here we go:
Last  Friday(April 18, 2014) was payday, it should have also been my monthly grocery shopping weekend but I have stretched what we have in the freezer and pantry and I know I will be able to go all this week with what we have on hand. Thus making it a full 2 weeks past when I should have done my shopping. Part of me wants to see how far I can go, but the other part of me thinks this was a good exercise and maybe I should be working on  filling up the larder so that if we have another winter like the one that just passed I won't have to be out in the cold getting our groceries every month???

I did make some small purchases, for instance I bought cool whip for some desserts I had for Easter Dinner, a fresh loaf of bread for lunch sandwiches, etc, things like that.

But back to Easter Dinner:

Dh's gram gave us a small Turkey, She also gave us 2 bags of little potatoes, I bought an additional bag so that we would have plenty for our Easter meal. I put a cream sauce on them, they were delicious!! And she brought the hot bread for dinner.
My mother baked and brought a Ham.
In addition to the Meats and potatoes, I made stuffing, green beans, corn, and deviled eggs.
We had green onions from the garden to eat fresh and I used some in my cooking.

For dessert I made an apple pie, 2 pumpkin pies, a pan of strawberry delight and a bowl of Fluff ( or Watergate salad for those who aren't familiar with Fluff)

Our Easter Meal cost me very little other than my time to prep and cook it all and we had 10 for dinner and dessert!!

With the leftovers I sent a full plate of dinner and dessert home with my Pap, as well as I gave him a Pumpkin pie for his Easter gift from us. I sent a full plate of dinner home with My hubands Gram., I sent a full plate of Dessert home with my Mother.

We(my family of 5) had a repeat of Easter Dinner on Monday night from sunday's leftovers, my husband took Ham  or Turkey sandwiches in his lunch all last week, and my daughter and I had some ham and sides for lunch last week as well. My boys had some of the sides heated up for an after school snack.

Tuesday we went over to my mothers so my hubby could use the garage and my dads tools to change the oil in his car, I made a big batch of tacos to take with us to share with my mom. The kids and I had leftover tacos for lunch as well as for after school snacks and I still had some taco meat to freeze for another day, its not enough to make meal for the 5 of us but its enough that I'm not going to waste it. I will either use it for a quick lunch for my daughter and I or save it for the next time I have a potato bar or feel like making burritos.

I used the leftover chopped onions from taco night in a pot of spaghetti sauce. I also make Manicotti that night and only used a half a box of noodles, I went ahead and cooked the whole box, stuffed them and then froze the unused manicotti for another meals, we used leftover meatballs in sauce that I had frozen previously and I made a batch of quick rolls to go with dinner that night.

I was able to hang out several loads of clothes on the clothes line, and I use hm laundry detergent for over a year now and love the recipe we are using. I tried HM Laundry detergent before but it just didn't seem to get my clothes as clean and fresh smelling as I wanted, this new recipe is much much better and the savings is well worth the very itty bit of time and effort it takes to put it together.

I went though a bag of hand me downs that were given to us and pulled out several things  for my daughter. The clothes I didn't keep I passed on to our church mobile clothing ministry.

My children and I started some seeds for both vegetables and flowers. So far the Sunflowers are popping up but nothing else has, its been cool though so maybe that is the culprit??

I was given 3 cases of 1/2 pint mason jars, they were used as favors in my best friends wedding in November, she filled them with candy and decorated the lids with a sticker. I will lose the lids when I take the favors apart but the rings and jars are perfect.

I'm sure there is more but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

What have you done to save money and be frugal this week?? Do tell!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Day after Easter!!!

Ok I know I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog. Ugh! what can I say?? Life is busy...Crazy Busy!! But good too. Sometimes frustrating, lots of times exhausting but good, its all good. Don't ya think??

We have had a great Easter season!! Great in that I have learned soooooooo much from the bible study I've been doing at my church Sunday school group. Great in that I attended my first sunrise service yesterday. Great in that I was able (with the help of my most wonderful hubby) to put on a FANTASTIC meal for my family yesterday.)  Great that I was able to encourage and support my very best friend during a hard for her  holiday. Great in that I am BLESSED to have these wonderful little people to call my very own. I love love LOVE them to pieces!! Great in that I am loved, by my husband, my kids, my family and by our Heavenly Father.

I gotta tell ya, no doubt about it, I THOUGHT I knew about the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.But what I didn't know...WOW!!! This book I've been studying with my Sunday School group is just mind blowing and eye opening. I'm awe struck at what HE went through for me. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again and again...

He paid a debt he did not owe, because I owe a debt I cannot pay.

If you don't think that what he went through for us was a big deal then I encourage you to read

24 Hours that Changed the World by Adam Hamilton

Its been a good book for me, and I'm glad I did/am doing  the study!!  We're almost through and have another book lined up to start. :)

On the home front, we've been looking forward to the warmer weather. We've started a few seeds for the garden but still need to start more. LOTS more, I need to garden as much as I can. These grocery prices don't look to be coming down any time soon :/

My kids are getting huge!! Doing well in school which is awesome, I am so proud of my boys!! Little Miss Priss is chomping at the bit to be able to go to school like her brothers!!  ♥

We are also on the ever constant battle to lower our expenses!! I've been line drying our laundry. I was out there just as soon it was possible (aka when I did't have to trod through snow and muck to get to the closeline) We've been leaving our heat off during the day and only turning it on for the most chilly nights. I'm still couponing, and trying to save as much as I can there. I hope to be able to find some time to do some sewing, I have fabric and patterns I just need to make time to sit down and sew some summer clothes for my little miss priss. I got the fabric on a steal of a deal. Can't wait to see it all turn into cutie outfits for my girl!!

Today is the last day of spring break for my boys, so I'm going to get off of here and make the most of it!!
Today is one day that I'm not stressed about dinner plans, since we had a fantastic meal yesterday we'll be having leftovers today ( and probably some sort of leftovers for the next few days LOL )

Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm not gonna lie, I'm struggling today. The tears no matter how hard I fight them have come easy today, Twice so far actually.


Tomorrow's my birthday, and I'm not excited. Silly huh? And its not for the reason one may think. Getting older does bother me, mostly because I see my children growing and I'm not ready to let them be older, lol But I'm struggling because I'm missing people that were important to me.

I'm struggling because I know that tomorrow My Gram isn't going to call, it will be the first time ever that she won't be calling me to wish me a Happy Birthday. And it  S.U.C.K.S !!

I miss her every day since she's left us, I just don't let it get to me, I mean I try hard to just poke it down and squash the sadness feelings, it sounds horrible but I'm the tough one or I'm supposed to be. I have to keep it together so that I can keep my family from falling apart. I've always been the fixer. The one to make it better.  The problem is I CAN"T MAKE THIS BETTER, I CAN"T FIX THIS.

And I hate it.

This will be the first birthday my gram won't be calling and the 4th birthday that my daddy hasn't called. I miss them so much.

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to be was adults?? What were we thinking?? No one ever told us it would be this hard sometimes??

Missing people sucks. HORRIBLY!!

But remembering how much they loved you helps a lot. Thank God for memories!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Fever and Apple Seeds

Do you have it?? Spring Fever??


And we've got it bad!!

There is still snow on the ground from our most recent snow storm and the weather man is saying its a possibility for more snow/wintery precipitation sometime next week. SHEESH!!

I'm looking forward to spring though. I can't wait it get into my garden!! We've decided to expand again. Surprise Surprise, huh?? Nah not really!! The way my kids are consuming food I've gotta try and get ahead of their intake, lol

My youngest son has the fever too!! Yesterday morning as he watched me cut up an apple for his lunchbox he said to me "Mama can you plant those seeds from the apple?" I told him yes, it might not turn into the exact apple he had in his lunch but yes, possibly he would get an apple tree of some sort. So yes I dug the seeds out of the apple core and I saved them in a zippy bag until we can plant them in some dirt. Why not?? Right?? Experiments are cool and don't tell him but they're educational too!! And who knows maybe they'll grow and in a few years we'll be harvesting apples? Doesn't hurt to try!! I'm flexible like that I guess, lol

So that's it, just sitting here with it still being cold and dreary outside and waiting on spring to get here.

13 days and counting down!! WE CAN'T WAIT!! How 'bout you???

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday 2/19/2014

Good morning!!

Its a slow going morning around here.  We were up way to late last night helping my mom by putting in a new hot water heater. We didn't even leave mom's till after 10:15 by the time I got everyone ready for bed it was near 11:00. We are dragging this morning!!

It's a rainy dreary day today. And I imagine by this afternoon it will be a mucky muddy mess outside. With all the snow we've gotten recently and now the rain today melting all the snow, I see lots of mud in our future!!

So far today I've packed the hubs lunch, gotten both boys up and ready and off to school. I've called and checked on dh's gram (she'll be 90 next Sunday!) and made breakfast for little miss priss.

I'm about to go get some advil, for this headache I've got brewing, not sure if its lack of sleep or sinus related but I can't deal with a headache all day with so much I want to get done.

I need to call and check on my Pap and then check on my mom and then I need to get busy in this house.

I have 3 cakes to do for this weekend so I need to make sure all my "chores" are done so I don't have to worry with it while I'm in the middle of cakes.

So more of the same here, dishes, laundry, housework, and such.

Dinner tonight is Baked Cod, baked potatoes, and green beans

Hope you have a great day!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday 2/17/2014

14* was the temp when we got in the truck to take my son to school. 1/4 mile to the bus stop and by the time we got there the temp had dropped to 11* !!! How does that happen?? It's supposed to be warming up, not getting colder!!

Is it spring yet?? No?? Not here either. Although I heard that we are supposed to see temps in the 60's this week. Pardon me if I don't hold my breath, lol

Today was supposed to be a school holiday due to president's day, but due to all the school the kids have missed because of bad weather they have voted that today be a regular day.

2ft of snow and bitter cold weather has kept us home for the past 4 days straight so my house is in some serious need of Mom's Love!! I've got laundry going, and the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded but its not full enough to run yet. I need to straighten and clean up everything and the plants need watered. I haven't clipped my coupons from yesterday's paper or last week's for that matter and that will have to be done soon as Friday is pay day and we're just about out of everything. My grocery list needs made. So lots to do.

That's my day for today.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

Ok so I finally broke down and asked the hubs aka our computer guru what was up with my blogging? I haven't been able to blog in FOREVER. To be honest I didn't ask him at all because the hubs is a computer guru by trade and after dealing with user errors and such all day long week after week I didn't want to bother him but I'VE MISSED BLOGGING!! So this morning I caved and ask him to check it out and within minutes he found my issue. I LOVE THAT MAN. and not JUST because he keeps my computer operating properly, but for LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of reasons!! I'm BLESSED and I know it!!

So I'm back and very happy about it!! I hope to be able to find some time each day to blog a bit, but as usual I've got my kiddos and they take front runner to any and everything going on in my world. Because they ARE my world!!

See ya soon!!