Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday May 28th 2014

Good Morning!! I'm sitting here drinking my last cup of coffee for the day and then I must get busy here at home. I have alot to accomplish today.

So far this morning I have:

Packed 2 lunches - Hub's and our oldest's, my other son decided to buy today
Hubs and the two boys are off to work and school
Made breakfast for my little miss

To do today:
Work up the rest of the green onions for the dehydrator
* check on drinks and make tea and lemonade as needed
* check on lunch making supplies and bake, prepare lunch items as needed for the remainder of the week
* lay out chicken to thaw for dinner
* straighten and clean up
Laundry- Should have 2 -3 loads
Straighten livingroom- sweep and mop floor
Straighten Bathroom
Straighten hall way
Trash- get all gathered and ready to go to dump for tomorrow
Grocery list and coupons- keep working on finalizing list and clip coupons  ( I'm behind on my clipping - BOOOO)

That's enough to get me started I think. I hope to get all that done and then some!  And if there is time left in my day after meal preps and chores I hope to work on some sewing!!

Lunch today is either sandwiches or leftovers or something quick and easy
Dinner tonight is Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and a veg just not sure which one yet :)

Have a Blessed Day!!

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