Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Long time no blogging

Its been crazy busy around here!! I've been super busy with the kids and with cakes!! I took some classes over the summer, fell in love and have been decorating cakes for friends and family!! Its awesome and I love it!!

Update on us.... We survived Sandy, the rain and wind was crazy but thankfully we fared well!! This morning we got up and our mailbox is in pieces, and we were just about to shrug it off due to the storm till we remembered hearing a loud bang last night, only we thought it was a tree coming down, and once we saw the tire tracks in the yard we knew that someone had it the mailbox and yep you guessed it, NO ONE has come to explain or appologize. I mean I realize that the weather was nasty but still they could have said something.

In trying to stay out of the stores I just tried a new recipe and it was a huge hit!! I made Buttermilk Biscuits from scratch!!! They turned out so wonderful I will never again buy a canned refrigerator biscuit, NEVER!!! Infact I think I may even make up a batch to freeze to see how they do. I've heard of people doing this and it would be great to be able to add this to my freezer cooking!!! And the cost??? A mere pennies compared to the 2.00+ a can for those refrigerator biscuits. I am just giddy!!!

I'm still working on christmas gifts although that has slowed a bit, I need to get my momentum built back up, theres alot to do before Christmas gets here!!

Whats going on in your neck of the woods???

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cool Weather!

It's been beautiful the past couple of days. Perfect fall weather. Now the weather man says its going to cool down, FAST!!  Which normally wouldn't worry me except I just sent my 10yr old out for the weekend to the mountains with his cub scout group. Oh what is a mama to do? I would much rather he be home where I know he's warm, well fed and comfortable. But like his daddy keeps telling me, he's going to be just fine and he has everything he needs and we trust who he is camping with...but...well.. I'm still his mama... and... well, you know what I mean... right? Oh the heart stress of letting them grow up and be little men instead of my little boy, oh I can't wait till he gets home.

I am going to dig in deep with the housework today, I need to keep my mind off of things. We will probably just have dinner at home, not sure what yet, a friend said they may stop by so dinner is kind of up in the air as of yet, and we may rent a movie or two from the redbox. Lord knows I won't sleep, lol

I'm just going to go ahead and say that I worry like this EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes on one of these Cub Scout camping trips, and he has been on MANY, and EVERY SINGLE TIME he comes home pleased as punch and had a wonderful time.  So I gotta ask you....

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? That I worry like this?? 

What's worse is that this adventurous 10 yr old has a little brother following in his footsteps and I am going to worry myself completely gray, I just know it!! Thankfully the little brother isn't old enough to be camping all weekend long with the older boys yet so I have a couple of years before I am right back in this same worrysome spot. LORD HELP ME!!!

It does help some that Daddy anticipated this rapid cool down in the weather and we just recently upgraded Mr. Adventure's sleeping bag to a -40* bag. So I know he'll be plenty warm. But he'd be warmer at home in his own bed... just saying!!

OK enough worry, I do have some things I want to get done in the house today, laundry, dishes, normal pick up, I'll call our friends in a bit to see what the plans for tonight are as far as dinner goes, and then prep what I can prep so we can just enjoy dinner and a movie!!

I've started on a Christmas gift for Kara, its a crocheted Hoodie, I got the pattern off the net, its working up really fast. I've just started it yesterday and have already finished one piece and started another, it works up in 6 pieces= the back, left front, right front, 2 sleeves and the hood. I've finished the back and have started the left front. I guess it helps that she is still a little thing so I won't take long to work it up for her, which is good, since its already October and my hm gift list is LONG!!! I'll post pics when I am done!! I love the yarn, its a varigated soft yarn, in pink, cream and brown, love the feel of it so far!!

Ok so thanks for listening to me whine about missing my boy, I am such a wimp, huh?? LOL

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The seasons are rushing past me!!
In a week my first born will be 11!! I can't believe it, he's growing into such a wonderful young man. He still has alot of boyish oneryness to him but I love it!!

The leaves are falling off the trees at what seems like a rapid pace, its only the 4th of October and my yard looks awful with all the leaves that have fallen.  Its getting cooler too, we had our first soup dinner the other night. The hubs isn't keen on soup for dinner when its 80*+ outside, I love soup though. But its been rainy and cool so soup for dinner was perfect!! I made 2 large pots of soup, one Beef Vegetable, and one Chili, I gave my mom a good bit of the chili when she was here but the Beef Veg soup wasn't ready yet, I'll bag up the leftovers to freeze. Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect for scout nights!! Quick and easy!!

We went to a teacher conference for Brady last night, he is doing wonderfully. He's a first grader this year and at the end of last year he was reading at a "end of second grade" level. Last night she said he was reading 99% of level 27 which is the end of 4th grade, and honestly said he actually was able to read well for Level 28 which is 5th grade level but he read so fast that he lost a bit in translation so she scored him at 99% of level 27 so he could learn to slow down a bit and retain more of what he is reading. We are just so proud of him and amazed at how well he is doing. He is a straight A student getting 100% or close to in all his subjects!! I am one proud mama!!!

Colby didn't have a conference last night but with everything he is bring home it looks like he is doing just as well!!

I am so very proud of my boys!!!

Today is back to business!! I have the kitchen to clean up as well as the rest of the house needs tidied up!! I think if I get it all done I may can some dried beans. I have a good many varieties on hand, but it occurred to me that I should just can them up because if we lose power and I am rationing water, I won't have enough to soak and cook the beans. So I want to work on canning them, that way when I get a hankering for some beans they will be waiting on me not the other way around!!!

Dinner tonight is leftovers remade :)
Monday night I roasted a whole chicken, and last night I made fried chicken salad which is just breaded chicken tenders cut up over a big salad, the kids had chicken tenders with hm fries and the hubs and I had fried chicken salad, so tonight I am doing  remake of the leftovers. I have the leftover roast chicken in the crockpot with water, and the leftover gravy I made, I'll let it cook all day then strain the broth and pick the meat from the bones then make chicken and dumplings, which I'll serve with leftover salad. The kids can either have leftover chicken tenders or chicken and noodles made with some of the chicken and broth that I will use to make the dumplings. Good way to use up the leftovers and to be honest I love chicken and dumplings and really bake the whole chicken just for the hubs and for knowing I get to make dumplings out of the leftovers. Funny huh?, looking forward more to the leftovers then the original meal but its oh so yummy!!!

enjoy your day!! Mine will be staying home!! Which I love!!