Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday 11/22/2011

Good Mid-Morning!!

Thanks Cheryl for the get well wishes!! I took the first dose of antibiotics yesterday and I was actually able to sleep some last night, I totally slept through my hubby getting up for work this morning and only woke up in time to tell him good bye,I didn't even have time to pack his lunch, I asked him why he didn't wake me and he said he knew I needed the rest and that he could eat at the cafe at work today, no big deal. I hate that I slept through and didn't get his lunch packed but to be honest I think I could go back to bed now and sleep some more. This being up all night the past few nights coughing and not being able to breathe really takes its toll. I was able to sleep better last night so hopefully these antibiotics are the key and I am on the mend!!

Now that I am feeling a little bit better, I think I am going to try to get somethings done around here today. I've already loaded the dishwasher and got it going, and I know there is at least 2 loads of clothes that need washed, dried and put away. Our trash place is closed on Wednesday normally and I assume it would be closed for Thanksgiving so I hope to get our trash gathered up and taken away today as well. That way its not sitting here till friday. Not sure I want to be out on Friday anyway. Sleep deprived shoppers on the road could be a bad idea.

Other than that, depending on how I feel I will probably get started on some Thanksgiving dinner preps.

Dinner tonight I think will be Spaghetti with hm bread.

Hope you all have a great day!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Broke down and went to the Dr.


I don't think I have ever been this sick with a head cold before. I went to the doctor first thing this morning.
Luckily it hasn't moved into my lungs but I do have a serious sinus infection. THANK GOD the doctor gave me some antibiotics and after talking to my husband it must be a pretty strong one because I am to take 2 pills today and only 1 pill a day for the rest of the week. I sure hope it works I am so miserable!!!
Every time I cough it feels like my head might explode, my ears have fluid behind them and I can't breath, my throat feels like its been scrubbed out by a porcupine, miserable just doesn't do how I feel justice.
In addition to the prescribed meds the doctor said to continue to take over the counter meds to help with the symptoms.

So there is my update. Hope your all feeling well.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday 11/17/2011

I am busier than usual I guess, poor poor neglected blog!!

Today is catch up day for me, I need to catch up the laundry, the dishes, the housework the....yeah just about everything needs done today!!

I also need to clean out the fridge, wash up any dishes from the fridge clean out and then get my menu and grocery list finished!!!

I have a nasty head cold with an awful headache slowing me down but the work needs to be done, so there's no use in complaining about it.

Not sure about dinner yet, I'll probably grab something quick as we have religious service award training with the boys tonight.

That about sums it up, time for some meds and I gotta get busy!!
Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cheap Eats!!

Today we left early to gather food donations to take to the local food bank. This was part of our cub scout community projects.

Normally we would go out to lunch as a reward for all that walking and lugging but being that dh won't get paid again till sometime next week, we decided it best to come home and not spend any unnessassary money.

So I dug through the fridge and freezer and put together some lunch for all of us.

Oldest ds wanted hm pizza leftover from last night.
For the rest of us I used some leftover sauce from when I made lasagne earlier this week and I remembered I had a small bowl of leftover spaghetti sauce in the freezer so I put the two of those together and cooked some noodles and ta-da Spaghetti!! It was really good and there isn't any left so I guess it went down just fine :)

Oh and my pumpkins I told you about yesterday??? I cooked them and then puree'd the flesh and ended up with the equivalent of 14 cans of pumpkin puree'. I froze 12 and will use 2 today to make pies. Not bad for free pumpkins!!

I thought about it and I am planning on drying some of the apples and using them to make wreaths as part of my christmas gift baskets this year!! Another free item put to good use. Oh and I will still have plenty to turn into Applesauce!!

God is good!! Wouldn't you agree??

Have a blessed day!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Blessed...SO BLESSED

I know I've probably said it before and if I haven't I really should have.

I am blessed by my Great Aunt Dorothy!!

She is an awesome lady!! She's the one who gives me all of her extra garden stuff, her extra plants early in gardening season, her extra garden harvest when she has canned or preserved all she can use, apples in the fall, I could go on and on, she always thinks of us. We are so blessed by her.

This weekend there is a Spaghetti Benefit Dinner for my cousin Pam, she has breast cancer and is undergoing treatments that are very expensive and as I understand it, they don't have insurance and the treatments are very expensive. Yesterday I took some #10 cans of tomato sauce to my Aunt Dorothy to use to make the sauce for the benefit dinner this weekend.

Aunt Dorothy called me on Wednesday to ask me if when I came out yesterday was I ready for more apples, she had some more "seconds or drops" that I could have if I wanted them.

!!"Of course I wanted them"!!

So I get there yesterday to drop off the tomato sauce and I filled up the back of my truck with 2 bushels of apples and she asked me if I wanted any pumpkins as well!! OH JACKPOT!! I am completely out of pumpkin puree and have been looking for cheap pumpkins and truth be told dh won't get paid till next week so I was hoping to take care of that next week, when we had a little money to work with, but she had 3 that she wanted rid of "3"! I am over the moon!!

I'll be busy working up all the apples into applesauce but hopefully with all these apples I won't run out of hm applesauce, my kids love it and we go through a lot!!!

And even though the pumpkins can wait a bit to be processed, I think I will try to go ahead and do those as well, and maybe work up some pumpkin pies- 1 for my Pap- his birthday was the 9th and he knows to expect a pie from me, its tradition :) and he'll enjoy it while reading over the Farmer's Almanac for 2012 that I gave him last weekend!!! 1 Pie for the hubs- he loves them!! And while I am working up a pie crusts for those 2 pies whats a couple more?? So I'll work up a couple pies for my Aunt Dorothy to sell at the benefit dinner as I hear they are having a bake sale table as well.

Busy-busy-busy- but its a good busy, I love it!!
Have a great day!!
God Bless!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Looks like today will be a continue of yesterday, I didn't get everything done on my to- do list but thats ok, its life and I'm just going to roll with it and hopefully accomplish more today. I did get a few things done yesterday just not as many as I had hoped!!

No biggie, today is a new day!!

Have a great one!!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Good morning!!

Thanks to daylight savings time my body automatically woke me up at 5:30 !! I tried to lay there thinking I might drift back off to sleep until the alarm when off but someone must have not told the dog that the clocks were set back and so she wanted out at 5:30 as well. So I've been up for a while. Its usually never good when you beat the coffee maker out of bed,lol I decided as long as I was up I would put the dog out, start the coffee of course, lol and go ahead and get started on my day...

So far I've emptied the dishwasher then reloaded it
*Packed Mike's lunch and got him off to work
*Paid bills
*Started laundry
*Fixed a quick breakfast for the kids
*Semi-cleaned off the table- its a catch all but I've sorted paperwork, threw away what needed to go, boxed up some jars that I've used the food out this past week and then cleaned and now they are boxed up and ready to return to the garage, bagged up some canned goods for the food drive.
* worked out whats for dinner
* worked on the cub scout calendar and emailed dh all the dates (cubscouts and personal) so he could sync his calendar with whats going on

And now I am just checking in with my blog before I continue on with the day. My kids are out of school today so I hope with them here I will be able to get a good deal accomplished, the boys are great at occupying their little sister while I get things done- well most of the time, haha
Lets hope that is the case today, this house needs some TLC!!!

Still on my list of to-do's is:
Finish cleaning kitchen
Sweep and mop kitchen floor
Finish Laundry and get put away
Clean livingroom
sweep and mom livingroom floor
clean bathroom
sweep and mop bathroom floor
clean dog bedding
Bake some goodies for lunch boxes
Start Smoked ham hocks in crock pot for tomorrows dinner

and if I get all of that done then maybe tomorrow I'll be able to dig out my desk and maybe deploy some organization to the entire mess?? Who knows miracles do happen so here's hoping I can work out a homemaking one!!! :)

Dinner tonight is Lasagne, and garlic bread- if I don't have any in the freezer I'll have to make some, whats one more baked good???

Have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday 11/3/2011

Just sitting here enjoying my coffee. The boys left a little bit ago to have breakfast with Dad. They were supposed to go to school for the "Donuts with Dad" before school this morning but it was cancelled for who knows why and we weren't told till the kids got home yesterday after school. Since dh works about 1.5hrs away he took a personal day because he normally has to be at work long before the kids are even catching the bus so it made no sense to go into work 3-4 hours late, to work a couple hours then come home so he took the day off. I had some very bummed out boys yesterday afternoon but daddy saved the day saying that instead of donuts he would just take them out for breakfast instead. Everyone was up early to be ready to leave and that is where they are now.

Little Miss Boo and I are hanging out here at home till he gets back then I guess our day of busy catch up will get going.

Having daddy home for the day allows me to get things done that I normally can't do by myself or things that need an extra strong hand. He's also going to do some lifting and rearranging of building materials for my mom. We are blessed to have him for sure!!

Then tonight we have "God and Me" training class at Church for Scouts!! I am looking forward to this!!

So that is our day in a nutshell, errands, helping out family, taking care of a few things here that need Daddy's attention, then scouts and class!!

Gotta love full days especially when they are filled with family!!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodie Giveaway!!!

Kendra over at Newlifeonahomestead.com is having a giveaway!!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st, 2011

Time is flying by!! Today is my wonderful momma's birthday!! I am so lucky to have her!! Our plan is to take her out to eat tonight!! A new to her restaurant that she has never tried, a buffet her favorite full of country cooking just like we do only in mass quantities, lol lots and lots to choose from!!

Other than that my day will be laundry, bill paying, house cleaning, you know the usual!!

With the weather turning cold and our sudden and curious snowstorm this past weekend- Yes snow in October- I found it hard to believe myself but it happened, any way with this cold snap I have deviated from the menu a bit and yesterday I made a huge pot of Chili and a huge pot of Beef Vegetable Soup. It was very enjoyable with this cold weather. We had soup for dinner last night and tonight we will go out for dinner for mom's birthday but tomorrow we will have soup again, plus I will take plenty of each to Mom's for her to enjoy this week. Any left after that the baby and I will enjoy for lunch till its gone!! Oh how I love soup!! Its one of my favorite parts of cold weather!!!

There are only 50-couple days till christmas so I've been crafting away but not enough and I need to step up my efforts in order to be done in time for the wonderful holiday!!! Oh and the great news is all this time I've wondered if people actually enjoy my homemade gifts, I mean sure they say they like them and such but you still wonder way backin your mind if they really enjoy them and a couple days ago I really got my answer!! A lady contacted me about making a gift for her to give to her girls for Christmas!! I just don't think you can get any more confirmation than that!! I am totally excited!!

I hope you enjoy your day!!
Blessings from our home to yours!!