Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking for relief

I was able to get alot accomplished yesterday, not as much as I would have liked but I made a nice dent in my to do list.

Today I woke up with a horrible sinus headache. I am pretty sure its from allergies but it could just be bariatric pressure. I've taken a couple different things but its brought only little relief. Hoping the Aleve I took a little bit ago will bring some relief soon.

What are your weekend plans?? Mine are to do as little as possible especially if this headache decides to hang around.
I want to sleep in, relax and enjoy my family!!!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ahhhhhh A day at home.....finally!!!

Good morning!!

Today I am staying home!!!! YAY ME!! I have so much that needs to be done and have been on the run since forever. Today is the first whole entire day home for me in about a week and a half at least!!!

So far I have packed dh's, oldest's and middle child's lunch and got them off to work/school. Little Miss and I came home, she is NOT adjusting well to her Bubbo and BrayBray leaving her behind and we spent some time cuddling and explaining. Its gonna be a while I think before she gets over it and adjusts to the new schedule.

Now that she is playing happily, I have washed 2 load of clothes and hung them out on the line :) I have a load of whites that is in the washer now and I'll just pop them into the dryer. I've unloaded, reloaded the dishwasher and have it running. Put away all the dishes in the dish drainer.

Now I am checking in but will soon be fixing lunch for Little Miss and I and then getting her off the nap probably after reading to her a couple books before she conks out.

Then I have much more that needs done in here. I need to clean my kitchen and livingroom and get them set to rights. Hopefully sweep and mop the floors in both rooms. Then onto the hall and bathroom. Not sure I'll get it all done but that is the goal anyway.

Once the boys get off the bus we will gather up and haul off the garbage. Then home for homework if any ( it is only the 2nd day of school) then get dinner made, showers and bed!!

Lots and lots to do and so glad to be able to be home all day to day to work on it!!!!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday 8/27/2012

Good Morning!!

After having dh off for an entire week he went back to work this morning. The boys are up and taking turns getting showers then we will start our day. I have a good many things to accomplish today.

regular housework
menu planning
party planning- Brady's birthday is in 2 weeks!!!
rechecking supplies then filling bookbags....

Lots of little things that need attended to.
I also hope to do some baking today. I need to use up some apples- I'm thinking apple bread,and I also made 6 pies for the church yard party this weekend and I have enough dough made up in the fridge to make another two pies so I think I'll do that today as well. That way dh will have a nice suprise in his lunch box this week and I think I'll take the other pie to my mother for her to nosh on this week as well.

Canning is still on going but has slowed down a good bit, I think I'll make a batch of salsa tomorrow. I haven't made any yet and I don't want to be without!!!

So that is my day today, spending time with my munchkins and getting back to the swing of things!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Countdown is ON!!! BA BA BUMMMMMMM!!!

LOL!! Here it is Sunday evening and tomorrow we go to school to meet the boys teachers. I have mixed feelings about them going back to school. I am ready for the most part to have more structured days more keeping on schedule and staying on track. But will miss the lazy days of sleeping in and hanging out with my kiddos.
What I won't miss.... The bickering, the attitudes, the laziness, the snarky comments from my preteen, the "unless we go mindless in front of a video game we're BORED" comments. Yeah totally NOT gonna miss that.

School starts on Wednesday and I am almost ready. Almost. I still need to grocery shop, get the boys haircuts and wash up their new school clothes and freeze the new freeze packs for lunches and add money to their lunch accounts, make up and freeze some easy breakfasts. Just a few little things. But they need to be done.

And then...well then little Miss and I will be on our own. ALL, DAY, LONG, till time to get the boys off the bus in the afternoon.

I think she is going to have a bit of a rough time. She's used to having her Bubbo and BrayBray right at her fingertips. 

It will take some adjusting to the boys being gone all day but we'll be ok.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


This is one of those weeks were the check book is practically empty, the fridge is pretty empty and the freezer prospects aren't that reassuring either.

I was just about to completely panic.

Then I went to church today, heard a wonderful message, fellowshipped with some great people and I took a deep breath found my center and things don't look that hateful after all. PTL!!!

Before church I was thinking to myself omgosh I don't know how we are going to make it through this week.

Then I came home, took a good long look at what we have on hand and thought, huh! why am I worried?, I just have to get a little creative and this is cake!! Why I was worried in the first place I don't know. It will take a little work but we will be completely fine and dh gets paid on friday and I will be able to grocery shop then so...panic?? GONE!!!

I think the fear of a low checkbook is what started my panic. But having the pantry is more than going to make this ok!! Its far what it should be, way far like pluto kind of far from what it should be but there is enough to get us through this little hiccup and for that I am grateful!!!

I might not have a vast assortment of meats to work with but I can get creative and make some pretty great meals with what we do have and dh gets paid on Friday so crisis averted!!

Just concretes the idea of stocked pantry for me!! Of course mine needs help, as in I need to be better stocked, better prepared but I'm getting there and am grateful for what we do have available to use!!

How bout you?? Do you have a stocked pantry?? What's your favorite thing to stock?? Whats your go to meal when money is tight???

Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF!!! 8/17/2012

Good morning!!!

I'm working on my second cup of coffee. Hopeing for a little get up and go this morning, lol

Hubby's lunch is packed and he is off to work, all the kids are up and we are just lounging around before we get into our day.

Yesterday turned out to be pretty productive, I know I was tired by the time bed time rolled around, which because dh had to work late, which put everything in our evening routine off, well we didn't get to bed till 11:30, and I am totally feeling it!!

Yesterday I mowed my husband's grandmother's yard, I mowed our yard. We live on 3acre plots but about an acre maybe a bit more, is cleared on each plot that needs mowing.

I also did laundry, dishes, meals, meal planning, birthday planning, and loved on my kiddos!!

Today will be more of the same, we need to sweep the lawns with the yard sweeper. I use the grass clippings as mulch around the trees and such. Dh's gram's clippings will probably just be composted in the woods. If I had a way to get them over here I would use them too.

I have work to do in the house and garden work as well. Its a mess, the weeds are getting out of control. I didn't mulch enough and that is a lesson learned to be sure!!

I have some baking to do, tomorrow there is a celebration of life for a dear childhood friend who died a year ago. I promised to bake something, not sure what but I wanted to contribute some way.

My neice's birthday  party is tomorrow as well, infact we've been invited to 4 different celebrations tomorrow. There is no way we will be able to participate with all 4 but its so nice to be thought of and invited. I've made arrangements to get together with everyone but at different dates and times!!

So there ya have it, another day at home, trying to catch up and get things taken care of for the weekend so that we can enjoy the weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good morning!!! 8/16/2012


Today is a day mostly at home, I've so far today mowed my husband's grandmother's yard and started laundry, checked the bank account and now I'm here checking in.

I've got lots of laundry to do, the housework to do as well as hopefully this evening work on our yard work.

I also need to finish one row on a baby blanket I am working on for my cousin Marjorie's daughter who's baby is due sometime next month. I need to finish it today so I can wash, dry and wrap it up, so I can drop it off to her tomorrow.

It's looking like a busy day.

I think dinner tonight will be Italian Sausages, with onions and peppers, served over rice.  Its a nice quick meal and since I am still not feeling up to snuff, dh is still sick as well and I am planning on working like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest and will probably be pooped by the time dinner time rolls around its a perfect quick no fuss meal!!!

Hope you enjoy your day!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicken Soup

So the old saying is that Chicken soup is good for a cold....right?? Well to be honest I am one of those people that believes in doing things the old fashioned way. 

And we are sick and tired of being sick. I've had the benefit of going to the dr for an antibiotic,my hubs on the other hand, well he's a guy and likes to suffer for a while before he likes to break down and go to the dr.

So I talked to him this afternoon and he's stuffy and miserable and I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he asked me if I could make him some good homemade chicken noodle soup.

Yes, of course I can and I would love to make him some.

1. Its sooooo yummy!
2. I really believe it has some medicinal properties to it, I mean if it's worked for my great grandmother's and their large broods of children there's gotta be some merit too it.

So any way I thought I would share my version in case your interested..
To get it started You will need: 
A whole chicken
a large onion
a whole garlic head
3 carrots
3 ribs of celery
3 bay leaves
Thyme- fresh if you've got it
and a BIG POT :)

Ok so I unwrapped the whole chicken rinsed it off and removed the neck and giblets, rinsed them and put it all in the pot, I cut the onion in half, and I cut the garlic head in half NOT PEELING EITHER and threw them into the pot, I cut the carrots- (don't peel them either) and celery in half and put them in the pot, added the salt, pepper, bay leaves adn thyme, covered it with water and set it to cook.  That's it. Easy huh???

I'm going to let it cook till the chicken is good and falling off the bones, then I strain it all  and reserve the good awesome broth. I'll pick the chicken from the bones and it will probably make us 2 good meaty meals.

To finish the soup I'll take another raw onion, some more raw carrots, raw garlic and raw celery and chop them up and cook them a bit in another pot with a little butter, then add in probably half of the cooked chicken and enough reserved broth to make us a dinner size pot of soup then when it starts to boil I'll drop in some egg noodles and cook till the noodles are done then voila' Yummy good homemade chicken noodle soup!!!

With the other half of the reserved cooked chicken I can make another meal or freeze it for later, and I'll do the same if there is any of that good broth left as well!!!

So that's how I make soup!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday 8/13/2012

How was your weekend? Ours was very busy. The boys and the hubs went on a cubscout hike on Saturday. Then we stayed around the house for the rest of the day due to both dh and I having this summer cold.

I started another blanket while watching a show with dh last night. Its going to be a twin size and I've started it from scraps. I am thinking of making it striped with all country colors. As for scraps I have a bit each of drk country blue, cranberry, tan, and a drk green almost a pine color. I think it will look good together. I got the idea from a Mary Maxim catalog.

As of this morning dh thinks he may be getting over what ever it is, and I'm still fighting it, I still can't hear out of my left ear, the pain isn't as bad as it was but the pressure and not being able to hear is so very frustrating. I feel bad, I feel zapped, I need more down time I think.

As for my plans today I am canning beans..again. I am not complaining though, I enjoy it no matter how much I moan,  lol. I've had one jar break so far today but if all the rest seal I will end up with 15 qts and 1 pt of green beans today. It's adding up!!!

I also picked some tomatoes, I am on the fence as to what I want to do with them.. there aren't that many ready they are trickling in a little at at time. I need more whole canned tomatoes, but I want to make salsa as well. I don't know if I'll have enough tomatoes to can spaghetti sauce like I planned but we will see how it all works out.

I think dinner tonight will be a Breakfast for dinner night. Bacon and Pancakes sounds good to me!!!

 I'm off to clean up the kitchen now that the beans are all snapped and jarred, just waiting on the canner.
Have a great day!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday 8/9/2012

Good morning!!

Thank you for all the well wishes. Seems like whatever was bothering Little Miss was short lived and I am thankful for that!!

I am still fighting this cold, but I think whatever I am doing, it must be working because I am starting to feel like this cold might be letting go a wee bit. I still feel congested but not as much. So hopefully it won't hold on too much longer.

I've been taking it pretty easy, not really doing a whole lot, although with the boys help I did can 6 quarts of tomatoes yesterday. My oldest did the scalding and my youngest son made sure I had plenty of jars and I did the peeling and stuffing of the jars while sitting at the table. Then we made sure the jars were clean, my youngest son put the lids and rings on and I tightened them down and loaded the canner. I only had enough to do 6 quarts but its 6 more than we had and we worked together to get it done. Love working with my kids!!

Well I am going to get going, I need to swap the laundry, and straighten up around here a bit, then I'll retreat to the couch. I still haven't cut my coupons from the weekend and I that seems like a good way to spend my time perched on the couch feeling lousy. :) I hope to be getting over this cold soon, it sure is a nasty one!!!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Uh Oh spoke too soon....

So much for no one else in the house getting sick.........

Little miss told me last night her tummy hurt but honestly she was bouncing around playing like normal so I really never gave it a second thought...till this morning when she toddled out the hall completely covered in what I thought at first was wasn't and it was definately from the south end. :/

I took her dripping right to the bathroom, stripped her down and set her in the shower, I started the shower pulled the shower wand down and just let her "play" in the rain (she likes how the "rain" tickles her feet) while I rolled up the rug in front of the shower because it got dripped on as well and I went to investigate the bedroom....

Oh wow, what a mess, the bed was a mess, the pillow I had used to keep her from rolling too close to the edge when I got up was a mess, even the dust ruffle didn't escape the mess. And of course I am still feeling like Grade A Number 1 Chewed Up Butt, the only thing going in my favor is that I can't breathe so I can't smell a thing..according to my oldest I am very lucky that my nose is turned off. He even went ahead and took the trash out because evidently it was that bad, lol again the only thing in my favor is I can't smell a thing, lol

So I get her showered and dry her off and get her dressed for the day then back to the bedroom I go...
Stripped the bed, it was soiled through the mattress pad and on the mattress :/
I started the laundry, cleaned the mattress and febreezed the whole works.

She's had another nasty diaper since the shower but no blowouts thank goodness and otherwise seems fine....

Time to break out the bleach and the lysol!!!

Please Lord let this illness be short lived and gone from our home as soon as possible!!!

Wednesday 8/8/2012

Good morning!!

It seems I've caught whatever evil  summer cold that is going around. I can't breathe, my head is pounding, my throat is sore, I am just miserable. It came on so fast. I started feeling a tightness in my throat  Monday evening then by the time I went to bed I felt pretty lousy. Yesterday was the worst. I had to go to my cake class then I needed to go into town for afew things, by the time I got back home I was D.O.N.E!! I curled up on the couch with the baby and we both napped for a while.

This morning I am sticking pretty close to home, I still feel horrible and I hope that whatever this is, that it leaves SOON before it effects anyone else in the house.

I'm going to send the boys to see if there are any tomatoes ready,and hope they come back with enough for a canner full. Sick or not the work has to be done. Thank God for OTC meds. They make it at least some bearable.

Hope your homes are sickness free and that you have a great day!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday 8/6/2012

Good morning!!

After a super busy weekend, Monday looks to be more of the same!!

All in all I canned 14qts of corn and 44 qts of green beans this weekend.

Today I have peppers and probably a few tomatoes to work up, I plan on stuffing some of the peppers and then cutting the rest up and freezing to use later in sauces and on pizza and such. The tomatoes I will probably can whole for chili and soups.

I have laundry going, the dishwasher going and the kids have a friend over for the day. I have the house work to keep me busy as well. I need to take my grandfather to the dr this afternoon. Its going to be a busy busy day.

This evening we plan to pick over our garden to see what is ready!! Then I'll have that to work up. I love canning time!! I sure get tired and sore, but I never get tired of looking at the pretty full jars on the shelf!!!

Oh and I almost forgot to tell about our great fortune. My mom was at Walmart on Saturday and she called to ask me if I needed anything, I told her if she had the extra money till she got here I could use some more jars. So she picked me up some and as she was leaving and walking across the parking lot, an older lady approached her and commented on the jars in her cart. Mom told her that she was picking the jars up for me and that I was home canning beans. The lady proceeded to tell my mom that she had some jars that she had taken to the flea market and couldn't sell and if I wanted them all I had to do was call her and come pick them up. Mom took the lady's name and number and gave it to me when she got here to drop off the jars she had picked up for me. I called the lady on Sunday and she told me she had a dozen or so and that if I wanted them they were mine. I thanked her and got directions to her house. When dh went out to get his hair cut he went by to get the jars. He brought home 32 jars!!! What a blessing!!! The lady told him she was happy to pass them on to us, and even happier to know that folks are our age are still canning. She said its sad that it seems its a lost art. I can't tell you how happy I was to get those jars. I've already washed them up and they are ready to be filled!!!

Well I better get to it or I'll never make a dent in my to-do list!!
Have a wonderful day!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday 8/5/2012

Good Morning!!

After being up late last night manning the canner, dh let me sleep in this morning. We've missed church but we knew yesterday that was plan as I had planned to go late into the night with the canning.

Here's how our weekend started out.....

Friday night my mother called after visting my gram at the hospital and told me that my Pap wanted to speak to me. So I called to check in with him. He told me that the beans need picking, the corn needs picking, and there's green peppers ready to be picked as well. He also told me he was down in his hip and didn't think he could pick much and if I wanted it, to come get it. I was in my garden when I talked to him, lol so I told him to give me a minute and I would call him back. I got off the phone told my hubby what Pap had said and we made plans to go picking first thing Saturday morning. I called Pap back and told him we would be there.

We worked hard and fast as we could in the heat, it was way too hot but we were able to pick all that Pap wanted picking. While we were there my Great Aunt Trish and Uncle Jerry came by to work in their garden patch that they have a Pap and Grams house ( They live on the side of a mountain and don't have any real garden space so they garden in Paps HUGE garden) They were there to harvest in their patch and gave me a head of cabbage and I think 4-5 cucumbers!!

All in all I came home with about 20 green peppers, over a hundred ears of corn and every bit of 2 bushels of beans. And the cabbage and cukes from my Aunt and Uncle.

While we were there, I went up to the house to change the baby, and while in the house my gram called from the hospital, they were releasing her after lunch and she wanted me to tell Pap to come get her!!!!! She was very happy to be coming home!!

We got ready, left and came straight home.

I started jars in the quick cycle of the dishwasher and made us a quick lunch. After lunch we got started on the corn first, as Pap hadn't sprayed the corn and most of it was buggy. We shucked the corn, sorted out what was usable and what was chicken feed and then went to washing and cutting corn off the cob. I ended up with 14 quarts of canned corn and some very very happy chickens!!! :)

Before the last 7 jars of corn was ready to come off, Tia called and said she and her son Scotty were coming over. She had went that morning to help us pick, and then went home to shower and wait for her son to come home from his Dad's. So they came over and the kids got in the pool and she and I went to snapping beans.

After the kids and the hubs were done in the pool it was about 7pm so we ordered out and dh went to pick us up some dinner. We stopped snapping beans long enough to eat then got back to it. It wasn't long till Kara was cranky and crying and didn't want any one but Mama so Tia and Scotty left to go home as it was late and I got the baby to bed and went back to the beans. Everyone else conked out and I was still had a batch ready to can so I put them into the canner and stayed up by myself till the batch was done. I pulled the canner off at midnight and decided I was pretty done in and headed to bed.

All in all it was a very productive day!! We picked all that I listed above then proccessed and canned 14 qts of corn, and 21 quarts of green beans.

Well I guess the coffee has kicked in and I am ready to get back at it again!! I still have quite a bit to do but I am completely happy to have it to do, if that makes any sense!! My grandfather blesses me so much I am so so so fortunate to have such a wonderful Grandfather!!!
Hope your day is full of blessings!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!!! 8/3/2012

Good morning!!

I am sitting here enjoying my coffee and listening to the washer and dryer running. Both of my boys are up but baby girl is still snoozing away!!

Whatever I had planned for Wednesday got thrown out the window. I got a call from my gram saying she couldn't breathe and was swollen all over and that she was headed for the ER and wanted me to meet her there. I got all the kids rushed through their lunches and got us all ready and we went to the ER. All in all we spent a total of 8 hrs at the ER, and the only news I have is that they think she has had a cardiac event but as to what kind or to what degree I have no idea. Still this day I have no idea and she is still in the hospital. I think they are leaning more towards a mild heart attack but with the swelling and fluid in the lungs causing shortness of breath I am leaning more towards congestive heart failure, but I am no doctor so what do I know?, only what common sense tells me.

Thankfully we have wonderful friends and Emmy came to the hospital and picked up my kids and fed them dinner. She is an angel I tell you!!!

My mother made it to the hospital around 5:30. She came right after she got off work. She would have came immediately if it was nessassary but honestly all I did was help gram answer questions and let my butt go numb with the waiting so there was no reason for her to miss work when I had it sorted and handled!!! My gram finally got into a room at I think 7:00 that night. Once I was sure she was settled my hubs and I went to get our kiddos. Hubs had met me at the hospital, he's a wonderful man, he knows I am uneasy with the hospital ever since I spent the week there with my daddy before he died. So he came for moral support.

I finally got to Emmy's to pick up my kids at 9:00 to say it was a long day would definately be an understatement.

Yesterday, Emmy and I went to my Aunt Ann's to pick the last of her green beans.  Pap had told me Ann had canned all she was going to and wasn't going to fool with picking any more beans. Ann said if I wanted them to come and get them. So we went. We also pulled the vines for her. There weren't many beans at all. Once we were done we ended up with 6 quarts canned, which I told Emmy to keep since she doesn't have any green beans at all yet and I've already canned some that my Pap gave me. It was hot and a little dissapointing to do so much work for so little a return but trying to find the best in everything I told dh last night that its 6 quarts Emmy didn't have, so that is a blessing all in its own, and that if we had turned our noses up then next time there might not even be an offer and we could be missing out on something bigger the next time. So we know we did the right thing, Emmy has some beans on the shelf, it was a help to my Aunt by pulling the vines for her and she knows that we are open to any gleaning that might come about.

By the time I got home last night I was spent but I did get a few things done here at the house, made dinner got the boys a bath and before I could bath the baby she was out cold. I wasn't far behind her, I was so tired.

As soon as she gets up, I will get her a bath then the kids have a date with their great grandma. She's taking them for school shoes!!! She is such a blessing to us!!! Today also starts Tax Free weekend so I am going to take their lists and get their supplies!!

The rest of my to-do list mostly involves the laundry, lol its starting to look like the hampers might revolt they are so full!! Gotta get a handle on that!!!

Anyway have a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday 8/1/2012

WOW, I can't believe I just typed AUGUST 2012!!! Time is just getting away from me!! Before long the boys will be back in school and fall will be upon us. I thought it was a little strange to see a leaf fall from the tree outside yesterday and I noticed it had started to change into its fall colors. FALL, I am not ready for fall. There is still much to do, before we are ready for fall. I feel like the ant that needs to store up for the winter to come. If its only August and the leaves are starting to fall so soon does that mean that winter will come early?? Will it stay late or leave early again like it did this year?? So much up in the air and its unsettling.

I guess I need to step up my efforts to be sure we are ready, I do not like to be out and about once the snow is blowing. Well more so I don't like to have my kids out and about when the weather is bad, its not that I can't drive in snow, I drive fine and have never had a fear of driving in the snow (Thanks Daddy) but like my daddy always said its not how well you can drive in the snow its how everyone else drives and he's right. There are way to many accidents because people "think" they know what they are doing then they don't pay attention or drive way to fast for the conditions and before ya know it they've lost control of their vehicle. I won't be putting my faith in someone else's common sense. So I'll stock my cabinets and stay home, snuggle with my kids and enjoy them!!!

Ok enough about the snow!! LOL today it is rumbly and grey outside so I think we are in for rain!! I was able to work up the beans yesterday, but that is about all I got done besides meals. I took a headache yesterday morning and just felt run down, I tried some ibuprophen but it never touched it. I tried laying down with Kara when she laid down for her nap, I cat napped on a off for about and hour and a half but I couldn't shake that headache and it ached clear down into my teeth so I got up and took a daytime sinus meds and that helped some. I finished the green beans that my Pappy brought me and ended up with 14 quarts plus about 1/2 a gallon size freezer bag that I took over to Emmy as a thank you for helping me with the peaches the day before and I also took along  all my peach peels and veggie scraps- those were for the chickens, :) She was happy for the fresh beans. Someone had given her bean seeds they didn't need, she planted them and they turned out to be purple hull beans and they were not fond of them at all, she said they tasted best raw that when she cooked them they were tough and not good. I tried them raw when I helped her pick them one day and they were good fresh but I never tried them cooked so I don't know. We normally plant Contenders or Tenderettes. Last year my beans didn't do well and I bought beans from the farmer's market, the ones I bought were AMAZING, so I called back to see what kind they were and they told me Derby, so this year I ordered some from our feed mill. They are coming up beautifully!! I can't wait till they are ready to pick!!! I'm guessing if I take a mess to Pappy that next year he will have me ordering him some Derby seed as well!!!

My kitchen right now looks like a cannery. I need to get control over my kitchen today.  I need to wash down the peaches, label them and get them in the pantry, The green beans will probably need wiped down  before they go into the pantry but they aren't sticky like the peaches. I think I will get that task done first then work on the corn. I think I am going to try to can it this year. I usually thin husk it and freeze it but I am trying to conserve room in the freezer, hoping to catch some great sales or maybe we'll have enough money to butcher, we're not sure yet what we will be able to afford.

So my agenda looks like this:
Clean jars, label and put them away
Reclaim my kitchen and get things ready for the next round of canning
Tidy up or at least maintain the rest of the house.

I think if I get all that done with 3 kids in tow I'll be good to go!!!
Have a great day!!