Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm not gonna lie, I'm struggling today. The tears no matter how hard I fight them have come easy today, Twice so far actually.


Tomorrow's my birthday, and I'm not excited. Silly huh? And its not for the reason one may think. Getting older does bother me, mostly because I see my children growing and I'm not ready to let them be older, lol But I'm struggling because I'm missing people that were important to me.

I'm struggling because I know that tomorrow My Gram isn't going to call, it will be the first time ever that she won't be calling me to wish me a Happy Birthday. And it  S.U.C.K.S !!

I miss her every day since she's left us, I just don't let it get to me, I mean I try hard to just poke it down and squash the sadness feelings, it sounds horrible but I'm the tough one or I'm supposed to be. I have to keep it together so that I can keep my family from falling apart. I've always been the fixer. The one to make it better.  The problem is I CAN"T MAKE THIS BETTER, I CAN"T FIX THIS.

And I hate it.

This will be the first birthday my gram won't be calling and the 4th birthday that my daddy hasn't called. I miss them so much.

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to be was adults?? What were we thinking?? No one ever told us it would be this hard sometimes??

Missing people sucks. HORRIBLY!!

But remembering how much they loved you helps a lot. Thank God for memories!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Fever and Apple Seeds

Do you have it?? Spring Fever??


And we've got it bad!!

There is still snow on the ground from our most recent snow storm and the weather man is saying its a possibility for more snow/wintery precipitation sometime next week. SHEESH!!

I'm looking forward to spring though. I can't wait it get into my garden!! We've decided to expand again. Surprise Surprise, huh?? Nah not really!! The way my kids are consuming food I've gotta try and get ahead of their intake, lol

My youngest son has the fever too!! Yesterday morning as he watched me cut up an apple for his lunchbox he said to me "Mama can you plant those seeds from the apple?" I told him yes, it might not turn into the exact apple he had in his lunch but yes, possibly he would get an apple tree of some sort. So yes I dug the seeds out of the apple core and I saved them in a zippy bag until we can plant them in some dirt. Why not?? Right?? Experiments are cool and don't tell him but they're educational too!! And who knows maybe they'll grow and in a few years we'll be harvesting apples? Doesn't hurt to try!! I'm flexible like that I guess, lol

So that's it, just sitting here with it still being cold and dreary outside and waiting on spring to get here.

13 days and counting down!! WE CAN'T WAIT!! How 'bout you???

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday 2/19/2014

Good morning!!

Its a slow going morning around here.  We were up way to late last night helping my mom by putting in a new hot water heater. We didn't even leave mom's till after 10:15 by the time I got everyone ready for bed it was near 11:00. We are dragging this morning!!

It's a rainy dreary day today. And I imagine by this afternoon it will be a mucky muddy mess outside. With all the snow we've gotten recently and now the rain today melting all the snow, I see lots of mud in our future!!

So far today I've packed the hubs lunch, gotten both boys up and ready and off to school. I've called and checked on dh's gram (she'll be 90 next Sunday!) and made breakfast for little miss priss.

I'm about to go get some advil, for this headache I've got brewing, not sure if its lack of sleep or sinus related but I can't deal with a headache all day with so much I want to get done.

I need to call and check on my Pap and then check on my mom and then I need to get busy in this house.

I have 3 cakes to do for this weekend so I need to make sure all my "chores" are done so I don't have to worry with it while I'm in the middle of cakes.

So more of the same here, dishes, laundry, housework, and such.

Dinner tonight is Baked Cod, baked potatoes, and green beans

Hope you have a great day!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday 2/17/2014

14* was the temp when we got in the truck to take my son to school. 1/4 mile to the bus stop and by the time we got there the temp had dropped to 11* !!! How does that happen?? It's supposed to be warming up, not getting colder!!

Is it spring yet?? No?? Not here either. Although I heard that we are supposed to see temps in the 60's this week. Pardon me if I don't hold my breath, lol

Today was supposed to be a school holiday due to president's day, but due to all the school the kids have missed because of bad weather they have voted that today be a regular day.

2ft of snow and bitter cold weather has kept us home for the past 4 days straight so my house is in some serious need of Mom's Love!! I've got laundry going, and the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded but its not full enough to run yet. I need to straighten and clean up everything and the plants need watered. I haven't clipped my coupons from yesterday's paper or last week's for that matter and that will have to be done soon as Friday is pay day and we're just about out of everything. My grocery list needs made. So lots to do.

That's my day for today.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

Ok so I finally broke down and asked the hubs aka our computer guru what was up with my blogging? I haven't been able to blog in FOREVER. To be honest I didn't ask him at all because the hubs is a computer guru by trade and after dealing with user errors and such all day long week after week I didn't want to bother him but I'VE MISSED BLOGGING!! So this morning I caved and ask him to check it out and within minutes he found my issue. I LOVE THAT MAN. and not JUST because he keeps my computer operating properly, but for LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of reasons!! I'm BLESSED and I know it!!

So I'm back and very happy about it!! I hope to be able to find some time each day to blog a bit, but as usual I've got my kiddos and they take front runner to any and everything going on in my world. Because they ARE my world!!

See ya soon!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Ok so I did a mini inventory of the freezer and we indeed will not starve this week, lol

Our menu for the week will be

Tonight: Italian Sausages, Brats and sauteed onions over rice with green beans on the side

The rest of the week in no particular order will be:

Grilled Burgers on Hm Hamburger Buns,  fresh tomatoes and cukes from the garden, garlic roasted potatoes

Baked Chicken Pieces, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn

Stromboli/pepperoni rolls

 Alfredo over Penne Pasta, Grilled or Sauteed Cajun Shrimp for those who like it and leftover baked chicken for those who don't!! and probably broccolli    

Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without

That's my mantra this week!! We are a week away from payday and that means funds are extremely low, and there will be no unnessassary spending. What we have moneywise will be needed to make sure the hubs can get back and forth to work and with gas prices...well you get the idea. So what we have on hand is what we have and that's that. The only thing I can imagine we would need is sugar, eggs and TP.

So its treasure hunt day, lol I need to get in my freezer and see what we have and then come up with a menu plan based on whats in there.

Am I worried?? Nah, not really. We might not have exactly what everyone wants for meal times but we won't starve by any stretch of the imagination and its good to use up what you have on hand so as not to let anything fall by the wayside and get freezer burnt and become unedible.

So it might be Menu Monday but I can't form a menu till I know what I've got on hand and come up with a plan on what to do with it!! So I'll be back!!!

Enjoy your day!!