Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poor Neglected Blog

So its been a while since I've updated the blog. Shame on me I know. I should be better about this. At the very least it would serve as a diary of homemaking, which could be quite useful if utilized properly. Oh well I digress....

I've been busy like super crazy busy!! Mostly with the garden and canning which is all day job some days.

I've been more involved with helping my Pap. He needs someone to write out the bills each month and that has fallen to me. I'm still taking care of hubby's Gram. Her health is declining and more rapidly than I am ready for to be honest. She still continues to live alone and handles most everything except paperwork, she has me now do her monthly bills as well. And I am running a lot more errands for her since she has given up driving.

The kids are growing like crazy. My big fella is in the 7th grade now, my middle guy is in the 3rd grade and my princess started preschool. Time is flying by.

I've been busy just plain busy. Kids, gardens, grandparents, Life, Church, and the list goes on. But we're blessed and we know it. Some days are just longer than others is all.

We've had some employment scares, in that my hubs company has been downsizing over the past few months. We were really concerned that this month was going to be the month that he was laid off but thankfully he was spared. Uncertainty is a scary scary thing.  I pray that he continues to retain his job.

In the mean time I am trying to downsize here at home and cut our spending as much as we possibly can. I am more than ever committed to an emergency fund. In the past my emergency fund has always been my pantry.In the event of a financial issue I've been able to forgo grocery shopping and reallocate the grocery funds to whatever financial issue had arose at the time. All made possible by a well stocked pantry and a little insight into stretching meals to make them last. I still think this is a good practice, and will continue to do so as long as I am able. But with this recent lay off scare I am more encouraged to put an emergency fund in place. So now the job is finding places that I can pinch a penny or 2 to stow away and help my emergency fund to grow. Pennies aren't much but they add up to dollars eventually.

That's my update such as it is. I won't make any promises but I do hope to blog more.
Till then,
Be blessed and be a blessing!!

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