Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why is it when...

Its beautiful outside I have a million inside things that need doing?

Why is it that its beautiful outside and so I open to windows to enjoy the awesome breeze and warm air only to cough and hack because of the pollen?

Goodness sakes..

Why is it when I have a million things that need doing am I sitting here on the net??

LOL Seriously I am just taking a break, I do need to get back to it soon though.

I am in the process of cleaning out Kara's room which has become a catch all of babysitting stuff and since tomorrow is my last day to babysit I need and want to get it all gathered up so I can return it. Which brings me to another WHY IS IT.... Why is it when your trying to clean up and organize you inevitably end up making an even bigger mess than you began with in order to accomplish your task?? I'm just saying!!!

Luckily for me Dh is working a little late tonight so I should be able to get everything set to order in her room, and work on sorting the borrowed stuff so I can return most of it tomorrow.

I also need to finish the laundry, do the dishes and a general pick up of the main living areas of the house but I am getting there!!

Oh and did I mention that we may be having overnight guests this weekend, ummm yeah, I GOTTA GO!! Gotta get by butt in gear... Which reminds me I saw a tshirt at Walmart that said

Super Mom
Super Wife
Super Tired

Yeah thats me!!

Hopefully I can check in tomorrow!! Have a great evening!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing Discoveries!!

I am just itching to get into the garden and get it planted but I think lately its been as though we are going through Monsoon season, its rainy most days and in the between times its overcast and everything is wet. Not tilling conditions to be sure.

Today was a beautiful day and even though it rained again last night the kids and I walked down to the garden to investigate, it was my oldest's idea as he is just as excited to be in the garden as I am.

Guess what I found?????

Truth be told I wasn't expecting anything but weeds, last year it was so hot you couldn't keep any thin watered enough before it was drying out and dying off so I was shocked when I found Collards and Onions!! I was so suprised and so happy!! I called dh right away to tell him!!

I guess the little onions we planted last year that wouldn't grow because of the heat and drought just hybernated and then took off this year with all the rain!! And the Collards grew back I guess from the ones that went to seed last year. Their not nearly as big but I'm guessing they are still edible, we'll find out soon enough!!

Now if this warm weather would hold and we can get the rest of it tilled and planted I'd be a happy camper!!

Ahh what a wonderful Sunday!!

Christ is risen, Christ is risen indeed!!

What a wonderful Easter Sunday we had!! Infact I enjoyed our entire weekend!!

We have had so much rain that I thought the church's easter egg hunt on Saturday would have been canceled but the rain held off and we had such a fun time!! Kara was more concerned with taking the eggs out of the basket instead of picking them up and putting them in but all in all it was a great time!!

After the egg hunt we stopped by target to pick up a birthday gift for my nephew, and then went to lunch and then onto his birthday party, after the party we stopped so that I could get a few last minute things for our Easter dinner.

Sunday morning we were up bright and shiny!! We went to the 8am service and then sat with Brady through sunday school while Kara played, Colby is older and at the age where he is fine to go to Sunday School without us, after sunday school we all attended the 10am service. Dh left to come home to work a bit from home while the boys, Kara and I went with Mom to the cemetary to visit my Dad for easter, we left there and stopped to see my grandparents for a few minutes, My granddad is really smitten with my youngest and my gram was just in awe of her little easter dress, My granddad has my boys just as spoiled and I don't know who enjoys it more him or them !! When I was small he gave me a quarter every time I saw him, even if it was several times in the same day, I guess inflation has really hit every aspect of life these days as Pap gives each one of the kids a dollar and sends them home with snacks besides. Stuff I would never buy but I do allow them to eat it when Pap gives it to them. Spoiled Rotten I tell ya, or many just very much loved!! I can't complain too much because I myself am the only granddaughter and Pap had me a box full of fresh green onions from the garden just picked right before I got there, he knows how much we love them, and he filled mom's vehicle to the brim with empty canning jars. I am happy because now I won't have to buy many if any more jars but there's a twinge of sadness too as I realize that Pap and Gram are to the point where their canning days are behind them. Its somewhat hard to come to terms with. They got loved on by my kiddos and by me and then we had to get home to get started on Sunday dinner.

I hate to toot my own horn but sometimes I suprise myself, I arrived home, got changed, apron on and went to town cooking and cleaning and had a feast ready and on the table by 5!! We had Turkey, Mashed potatoes, with gravy, stuffing, green beans, corn, noodles, coleslaw, hot rolls, apple pie, brownies and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting!! Mike's gram brought the risen rolls and the chocolate cake. And we had green onions to go along with it, Kara even picked up a green onion off the table and "Murdered It" as Mike's Gram put it, she's cutting more teeth and it either tasted good or it felt great on her gums because she gnawed it and gnawed it. At first she was actually eating it, she would take a bite off the green end then turn it over and take a bite off the white end, but after it was all said and done she has just gnawed it to pieces!!

My mom and Mike's Gram were here for dinner and later on my youngest brother and his wife and kids showed up so we sat outside after dinner, chatted and watched the kids play. After everyone left we came inside and got everything cleaned back up and settled down for the evening.

No one had trouble getting to bed last night, I think we all wanted sleep, it was such a full, wonderful weekend!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Thank you Jesus for paying the greatest debt of all for me to be Free!!

Rejoice!! Praise be to God!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I should be cleaning, cooking, mending, organizing, list making, straightening, folding laundry, washing laundry...... Something..... Something besides sitting here at the computer but here I sit.....

I need motivation.... I need coffee... or maybe just some caffeine.....

Ok enough procrastination.... I gotta get to it!!!

1st day of Spring Break!!

My oldest son's spring break is short this year, I guess due to all the time off they got from the bad weather we've had this past winter.

So what's on the agenda:

For him? I guess he is going to just enjoy being not at school, for me its business as usual at least until I get my chores done then who knows what we will get into.

I hope to finish up the laundry and get it all put away, make soup, straighten up the main living areas of the house, work on coupons more, etc etc, like I said business as usual.

I do have some meat to bag and freeze today, last night I took dh's gram shopping to the grocery store as they had some great sales on meat and a few other things, I bought a couple hams and had the butcher slice them so that I could freeze the slices, it makes for an easier way for us to eat ham but not be stuck trying to use a whole ham before we are tired of it. I also got some whole chicken on sale for .99lb. The chicken is already in the freezer and the ham slices soon will be!!

I am looking forward to the weekend though, there's a kids grow workshop at Lowe's that I signed the kids up for, an easter egg hunt at church and maybe the weather will hold and we will be able to cook out and be outside soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun.

The kids sure are loving the trampoline that they got for christmas, even baby girl loves it and her brothers are always jumping easy when she gets in as to not hurt her. She loves her big brothers!! And they love her to pieces, too!! I am a lucky Momma for sure!!

So that is our day today. I hope you enjoy your day at home!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's To-do list 4/20/2011

I have alot planned for today...

The normal stuff like laundry is already started, I also have emptied out and started to refill the dishwasher, maybe after lunch it will be full enough to run before dinner dishes need doing tonight.

As for dinner I am waiting to hear what dh has a hankerin' for. I know for sure our dinner tonight will be made from flank steak the question that I am waiting to here back on Is would you like it as fahjitas or as stir fry?

I also need to straighten up the kitchen, livingroom and bathroom.

And COUPONS must be cut and sorted today!!! Of course with littles that means that will be my nap time endeavor since they like to "help" sometimes way too much. :)

I hope to take advantage of some great sales this evening, thus why the emphasis on getting the coupons cut and sorted. Who know's if it will work out that I can go but we will see!!

I think that does it for me today, cleaning, straightening, laundry, coupons and meal preps will keep me busy. Lovin' on my littles will make it a very full day!! Just as it should be!!

Have a great day!!

Flip Flop- Back and Forth

Ok so I am revamping this blog.

I started it then most of my blogging buddies were using Homestead Blogger so I switched to that and now it seems like everytime I post something to Homestead Blogger, its followed by ads and I don't like the ads nor do I think anyone who reads my blog would like the ads so I am back to Blogger in hopes that they stay ad free.

So here I am.

I plan to pick up here where I left off with the other blog so if you've missed anything or want to catch up just because you can read the other posts at

See ya here soon!!