Thursday, April 21, 2011

1st day of Spring Break!!

My oldest son's spring break is short this year, I guess due to all the time off they got from the bad weather we've had this past winter.

So what's on the agenda:

For him? I guess he is going to just enjoy being not at school, for me its business as usual at least until I get my chores done then who knows what we will get into.

I hope to finish up the laundry and get it all put away, make soup, straighten up the main living areas of the house, work on coupons more, etc etc, like I said business as usual.

I do have some meat to bag and freeze today, last night I took dh's gram shopping to the grocery store as they had some great sales on meat and a few other things, I bought a couple hams and had the butcher slice them so that I could freeze the slices, it makes for an easier way for us to eat ham but not be stuck trying to use a whole ham before we are tired of it. I also got some whole chicken on sale for .99lb. The chicken is already in the freezer and the ham slices soon will be!!

I am looking forward to the weekend though, there's a kids grow workshop at Lowe's that I signed the kids up for, an easter egg hunt at church and maybe the weather will hold and we will be able to cook out and be outside soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun.

The kids sure are loving the trampoline that they got for christmas, even baby girl loves it and her brothers are always jumping easy when she gets in as to not hurt her. She loves her big brothers!! And they love her to pieces, too!! I am a lucky Momma for sure!!

So that is our day today. I hope you enjoy your day at home!!

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