Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's To-do list 4/20/2011

I have alot planned for today...

The normal stuff like laundry is already started, I also have emptied out and started to refill the dishwasher, maybe after lunch it will be full enough to run before dinner dishes need doing tonight.

As for dinner I am waiting to hear what dh has a hankerin' for. I know for sure our dinner tonight will be made from flank steak the question that I am waiting to here back on Is would you like it as fahjitas or as stir fry?

I also need to straighten up the kitchen, livingroom and bathroom.

And COUPONS must be cut and sorted today!!! Of course with littles that means that will be my nap time endeavor since they like to "help" sometimes way too much. :)

I hope to take advantage of some great sales this evening, thus why the emphasis on getting the coupons cut and sorted. Who know's if it will work out that I can go but we will see!!

I think that does it for me today, cleaning, straightening, laundry, coupons and meal preps will keep me busy. Lovin' on my littles will make it a very full day!! Just as it should be!!

Have a great day!!

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  1. Sounds like a busy day. I got my menu for May planned as this week is pay day and takes me into May. That takes a long time to do, but I am glad it is done.

    I well remember the days when my little ones loved to help. Sometimes I miss that as they are now 14-20.

    Have a great afternoon with your family.


    P.S. I moved from HSB last fall and I noticed recently the adds (I still follow a few on there). I don't like them either.