Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flip Flop- Back and Forth

Ok so I am revamping this blog.

I started it then most of my blogging buddies were using Homestead Blogger so I switched to that and now it seems like everytime I post something to Homestead Blogger, its followed by ads and I don't like the ads nor do I think anyone who reads my blog would like the ads so I am back to Blogger in hopes that they stay ad free.

So here I am.

I plan to pick up here where I left off with the other blog so if you've missed anything or want to catch up just because you can read the other posts at

See ya here soon!!


  1. Hi Dana!
    I saw your post at HSB2 and thought I'd pop over for a visit :). Those ads are obnoxious and I don't blame you a bit for moving. I also have a blog here these days.


  2. Thanks for following me Catherine, to be honest I think the reason the ads bug me so much is that some not all are area specific ads, at least the couple ones I saw and honestly I just don't think you should be giving out that kind of info ya know??