Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why is it when...

Its beautiful outside I have a million inside things that need doing?

Why is it that its beautiful outside and so I open to windows to enjoy the awesome breeze and warm air only to cough and hack because of the pollen?

Goodness sakes..

Why is it when I have a million things that need doing am I sitting here on the net??

LOL Seriously I am just taking a break, I do need to get back to it soon though.

I am in the process of cleaning out Kara's room which has become a catch all of babysitting stuff and since tomorrow is my last day to babysit I need and want to get it all gathered up so I can return it. Which brings me to another WHY IS IT.... Why is it when your trying to clean up and organize you inevitably end up making an even bigger mess than you began with in order to accomplish your task?? I'm just saying!!!

Luckily for me Dh is working a little late tonight so I should be able to get everything set to order in her room, and work on sorting the borrowed stuff so I can return most of it tomorrow.

I also need to finish the laundry, do the dishes and a general pick up of the main living areas of the house but I am getting there!!

Oh and did I mention that we may be having overnight guests this weekend, ummm yeah, I GOTTA GO!! Gotta get by butt in gear... Which reminds me I saw a tshirt at Walmart that said

Super Mom
Super Wife
Super Tired

Yeah thats me!!

Hopefully I can check in tomorrow!! Have a great evening!!

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