Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing Discoveries!!

I am just itching to get into the garden and get it planted but I think lately its been as though we are going through Monsoon season, its rainy most days and in the between times its overcast and everything is wet. Not tilling conditions to be sure.

Today was a beautiful day and even though it rained again last night the kids and I walked down to the garden to investigate, it was my oldest's idea as he is just as excited to be in the garden as I am.

Guess what I found?????

Truth be told I wasn't expecting anything but weeds, last year it was so hot you couldn't keep any thin watered enough before it was drying out and dying off so I was shocked when I found Collards and Onions!! I was so suprised and so happy!! I called dh right away to tell him!!

I guess the little onions we planted last year that wouldn't grow because of the heat and drought just hybernated and then took off this year with all the rain!! And the Collards grew back I guess from the ones that went to seed last year. Their not nearly as big but I'm guessing they are still edible, we'll find out soon enough!!

Now if this warm weather would hold and we can get the rest of it tilled and planted I'd be a happy camper!!


  1. We have had "volunteer" plants like that also. It is exciting to see. We are anxious to get into our garden more, but the weather just isn't that good.

    Have a great day with your family.