Thursday, June 12, 2014

God's Got This!!

Geez, what a week!!

Yesterday my hubby called to let me know that he had been in an accident and his car was smashed. But he's fine and that is what is most important to me. Cars can be replaced, he can't so you can bet I am thankful that it was just the car that got smashed.

So we go through the normal back and forth with the insurance company, arranging towing and claim adjuster visits, rental car business and so on. Hopeful that it will be salvageable and we will just dust ourselves off and continue on.

Today he calls to tell me that the body shop is waiting to hear back from the insurance Company but more than likely they will deem the car a total loss and make us an offer on the wreckage. :(

As soon as we get the official word we will weigh our options and proceed from there but more than likely now starts the process of looking for another car, getting financing and so on and so on.....

STRESS, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, yeah we got it all and healthy doses of it.  We had JUST paid off that car, READ  like we've only had a free and clear title for about a month or two.

But to be honest I'm not stressing it. We will figure it out like we always do. We may be down but we won't be down for long. I know God's Got This. And I think knowing that is the only thing that is keeping me from flipping out. We've been through worse and we'll get through this. I know we can and we will!!

I've already got ideas floating around in my head on how to reduce our bills and such even farther. I'm definitely going to put more than just thought into a fall garden I'll make it a reality now. Every little bit helps and we've got to be able to cut our budget to handle another car payment. If this payment is the same as the last one we'll be fine, it will be tight like before but we'll be fine, if this new payment is more than the last then we'll definitely have to tighten up a bit more than we expected but it can be done and it will be ok.

I know it will because GOD'S GOT THIS!! And I am so thankful he does!!!