Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday!!! 4/5/2013

"(_\_)" "(_I_)" "(_/_)" "(_I_)" "(_\_)" "(_I_)" "(_/_)"(_I_)""(_\_)" "(_I_)" "(_/_)"

Happy Dance Time!!!!

Today has been a productive day so far!! Before I even had my first cup of coffee, I was up, dressed, got Miss Priss dressed, packed lunches, saw hubby off to work, gathered up the kids, picked up dh's gram, dropped the boys off at school, ( Drank coffee on the way, lol) went to Lowe's, bought softener salt for her and our water softeners, Poked around in the garden dept, bought potting soil and windshield wiper fluid and back home!!

Now I've fed Priss and she's busy with Dora the Explorer, I've checked emails and now as soon as I finish up this second cup of coffee I plan on getting busy!! I've got cookies to bake, laundry to do (don't we always?) House to pick up, dishes that will need doing, Seeds to plant, flower pots to scratch around in. LOTS TO DO!!

Busy day, but the weather looks like its shaping up to be a gorgeous day maybe a little cool but its warming up day by day!!!

Enjoy the day!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday 4/4/2013

Good morning!!!

I've packed 3 lunches, changed and dressed Little Miss and myself and got the boys on the bus off to school.

The remainder of my day will be caught up in Laundry, dishes, general clean up and a couple of errands.

I may start some cookie doughs today too,and just store them in the fridge till I'm ready to bake tomorrow.

I am baking cookies for us to have for snacks and lunch boxes, for my husband's cousin's son who is away his first year at college and for a mission of our church which is to minister to a woman's correctional facility. The last two are new to me, as I've never had a family member away at college so in addition to the hm cookies, I've bought a few things a while back to tuck into the care package I'll be sending. Goodies such as those Mio drink mixes, some gum, microwave meals etc. Hopefully it will all brighten his day. The cookies for the correctional facility is a new one for me too, a lady in our church has been ministering to these ladies for a couple years at least, I don't know all the details but I know they need God in their life. They ask churches from all around who are apart of this mission to bake cookies to help reach out to these ladies who need GOD to be a front line presence in their lives. The rules are very strict, the cookies can't have certain ingredients because I guess they can be used to make bootleg alcohol and some ingredients can cause false results on drug screenings?? Like I said I don't know all the details 100% but I have been so blessed by our church that I feel led to contribute and make some cookies and hopefully they will do the job of reaching these ladies in need.

Thats my plan for today aside from housework, errands and hopefully some prep work for cookie baking, my only other plans are to make some dinner and love on my people!! Loving on my people is my absolute favorite thing to do ♥

Dinner tonight is Beef and (lots of ->) Veggie stir fry over rice!!

I hope you have a blessed day!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm sure you already knew that but I could have shouted that very statement from the rooftops today!!

Let me set the scene:

I'm 2 weeks behind on my monthly grocery shop, for various reasons. Sick Hubby, sick daughter, snow/bad roads= no school, this that and the other is all why I didn't make it to to the shopping when I was supposed to.

Add in quick frantic unplanned stops here and there to pick up this or that and you guessed it I've completely blown my budget but and here's the kicker: The Cupboards are pretty much bare.

So I take a look at my cash flow, and what I have in my account, mentally subtracting gas and tolls for the hubs to get back and forth to work plus a bill I know is due etc and yep you guessed it, I am sweating bullets. Trying to figure out how to get the groceries with out depleting the bank account.. Yep I am stressing.

Here's what I did:

I got the sales ads and went over them with a fine tooth comb, maybe even ultra fine tooth comb. Then I looked over my coupons, made a menu, made a list, pared it down, set it down and walked away, came back, looked it over and pared down again and finally came up with a workable menu that everyone will enjoy and that I hope will NOT completely deplete the bank account and I set off this morning with my skimpy list, my fist full of coupons and my sales ads.

First store was Walmart, I get what I can get thats on my list and I head to check out, the total was WAY less than I imagined and I am feeling pretty good, I hand the cashier my coupons and 11.00 comes off plus I had some ad matches and BOOM, I am cheezin!!! I am so happy with my total!! But I am still not done, next store was Martin's where I get my meats and well they aren't exactly budget friendly, well at least not my budget but then again meat is pricey no matter what your budget, I mean.. right???

So I get to the second store with just a hand full of items to buy, feeling pretty good about saving pretty good  at the last store. I get to the meat dept and OMG its like they were having a special sale JUST FOR ME!! I was able to buy all the remaining items on my list and then some and then some more everything I needed was on sale and I never saw those items in the sales flyer, I was completely amazed and giddy picking up those deals and still only managed to pay 107.46  Originally my total was 186.56 and after my coupons and loyalty card it came down 79.10!!!! Instead of buying just a couple meats and making them into rubber meals- you know the ones that SSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTRRRRREEEEEETTTTTTTCCCCCHHHHHH.
I was able to buy all the meat I needed PLUS some extra for the freezer!! It was amazing!!  I am on a grocery shopping high!!!!

I give all the glory to GOD!!! I did the leg work and searched the sales, did the matches, clipped the coupons but GOD gave me the gift to do these things, I stressed so much on being able to afford enough groceries to get us through until dh gets paid again and still have gas and toll money, I can't tell you how much I stressed. It just goes to prove that GOD knows our hearts, he knew I was stressed and I should have known that he had everything under control!!! Shame on me for worrying in the first place!!! I feel so blessed!!!