Monday, April 30, 2012

Frugal start to the week!!

I've gotten on the frugal band wagon this morning.

First I packed dh's lunch and he's off to work. I packed oldest's lunch and thanks to a last minute reminder call that hubby got from the school last night I've turned a pair of white chorus sweat pants into white chorus shorts!! Well because YES I am the mom that forgot to order white shorts for the spring performances. On a side note, seriously where do you find white shorts for preteen boys?? I did look when the notice first came out but the only white shorts I could find had images or logos printed all over them and since he needed ALL white pants they wouldn't work. Oh well nessessity is the mother of invention right?? I don't think his white sweat pants that he needed for the winter performances are going to fit next year anyway so I took a pair of his jean shorts and used them as a guide to cut and hem the sweat pants making them into shorts and the verdict...... He loves them, says they are all comfy and soft!!  Score one for Mom!!!

So now he is off to school with his remade pants and a packed lunch!!

I still need to pack the kindergartener's lunch and later during nap time I think I will work more on crocheting snowflakes for hm christmas gifts. 

Frugal frugal frugal thats my motto as of late!! Well it really always has been but lately we've had some unexpected expenses and its causing us to reevaluate our spendng especially if we are going to accomplish our goals of buying meat in bulk in the fall. We are hoping to be able to purchase 1/2 a beef and a whole hog this fall and with the car breaking down costing us ~$300.00, the oven dieing costing us ~130.00, plus a few other things like building some raised beds to expand our garden, and our roof needing replaced this summer. Its time to make sure that we can cover it all and cutting back is the only way I can see that happening.

Its more important now more than ever that we make our christmas gifts and stay frugal in all other areas as well. I know we can do it, we just need to stay focused!!!

Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday 4/29/2012

Good Morning!!

We're fixing to get ready for church soon but I thought I would take a minute to check in!!

Our friends came over, we had a great time and my truck is running!! Hubs said there are a few things left to put back on but its mostly cosmetic stuff and they think the truck is fine!! Hopefully he will be able to finish buttoning it up today and I can return my dad's truck to my mom this afternoon!!

Yesterday was a lazy day for the most part, little miss was up in the middle of the night coughing and gagging and spitting up, it was her allergies but at the time I was worried. We were supposed to go to a hike with the cubscouts but dh had to work and with  getting sick in the middle of the night those few times and the temps with a high of 50 knowing it would be cooler in the mountains for the hike and the 70% chance of rain....the thought of taking 3 kids on a hike in the cold rain by myselft....well we skipped it!!

Instead we stayed home, tidied up and I spent most of the day crocheting and watching movies with this child or that child as they took turns playing games on the computer. Mid afternoon little miss and I layed down for a nap and caught a few Z's not many though, she was a floppy thing, she spent more time wrestling the bed and her mama instead of napping, so it was a broken sleep. Dh came home from work and we ordered out pizza, it was horrible, I will be so glad when we get our oven fixed!! I think dh said he would get into it today, God Bless him it will be the first oppertunity to take a look at it, he has been so busy with work and scouts that well it took a back burner, he is pretty sure its just the bottom element and he said he would order me one. I do miss my oven!!

Today is church then much wanted  and needed family time!!  Dinner tonight is up in the air, there's a memorial service at church for a member who passed. I guess we will play it by ear!!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Company's Coming!!

Not sure why this didn't get posted on Friday but here it was hiding in my draft folder.......

Good Morning!!

Its a busy day for me, which is normal but today is a little bit more busy.

So far I 've gotten the hub's lunch packed and he is off to work, both boys are off to school, I've printed papers out and stopped by and helped dh's gram fill out paperwork, addressed envelopes and got things ready to go in the mail her.

Now I am back home, laundry is going, dishwasher is going and little miss boo and I have had lunch. The boys get out of school early today so it won't be long till time to pick them up. Then back home to get things in order and finish up chores.

Later on this evening some friends of ours are coming over, mainly so that dh has help putting my truck back together, he thinks he has it fixed!!! I decided to make dinner for everyone, as a thank you and as a hey lets just get together kind of thing!!

Our dinner menu is
Roasted Chicken- making this in the 18qt roaster since my oven is still on the fritz
Mashed Potatoes with gravy
Fried Cabbage
Green beans
deviled eggs
rice- oldest son doesn't care for mashed potatoes
hm and home canned cinnamon applesauce


I didn't originally plan on making the deviled eggs but I was asked to make a dish for a funeral dinner tomorrow and since the oven is on the fritz, eggs is what I had an abundance of so deviled eggs it is and since I was already cooking eggs for the funeral dinner whats a few more for dinner tonight right??

In other news I've picked up the needle again- the crochet needle that is and have already crocheted 3.5 snowflakes. Trying to get a jump on the gift making. I get all excited craft like crazy then I burn out, it runs in cycles so while I have the nudge I am going to keep on it in my spare time!!

Trying to keep busy today, trying not to dwell on things out of my control and just to find some peace in what is and keep focused on the future. Today is my Daddy's 56th birthday!! I miss him like crazy and I hurt so much because he isn't here with us. I ache because my kids are missing out on a great man. I know we will all be together again one day, till then....Happy Birthday Daddy!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday 4/23/2012

Good Rainy and Cold Monday Morning!!

We are in the middle of a Nor'easter storm, and have been pummled with rain all weekend. Its really cold and there has been some snowy mix as well. Not the best conditions hoped for at the last weeks of April but its doable, just got to drag back out the warmer clothing, much to the chagrin of my shorts loving sons!!

Its a new week so a new outlook right?? Gonna let the bring me downs of the weekend aka my truck breaking down fade to the back ground and hopefully a new week will bring new experiences and new happenings to make a for a full happy and  fullfilling week!! Here's hoping!!!

I'll start with my menu plan, its a little up in the air due to finances, unfinished shopping trips and lack of time. But that is ok, we'll make it work!!

Tonight is scouts, so I am doing something easy for dinner tonight probably breakfast for dinner. Quick, yummy and filling!!

Tomorrow our friend is coming back over to help the hubs work on my truck some more, its a little more involved than originally thought and probably going to be a bit more expensive too, never the less trying to keep a chin up attitude about it. So I told the wife to come on over too and bring the kiddos!! No reason why us ladies can't take advantage of some chit chat time and the kids can play all the while and hopefully the guys will be able to put my humpty dumpty truck back together again in great working order!!! So I am thinking kids, lots of kids, hmmm How about  Hot/Chili Dogs, hm mac and cheese and maybe baked beans for dinner!!

Wednesday- my oven is still out of commission but I think I may "bake" a chicken  or two in my 18qt roaster, with all the trimmings

Thursday- Chicken and Dumplings of course!!! With leftover side dishes!! or if its still raining like predicted I may make a pot of hm chicken soup, mmmm the possibilities!!

Friday is Pizza night normally, maybe there will be money in the budget for take out pizza or maybe will just think of something else!!!

The weekend plans are up in the air so I'll decide on meals closer to then!!

Hope your day isn't being rained out, but if it is like mine I hope you plan to make the most of it, Mine will be spent doing laundry and cleaning up, hopefully working on moving furniture around in my boys room.
Have a great day!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday 4/22/2012

Good Morning!! Happy Earth Day!!

I am enjoying a cup of coffee before getting us ready for church.

Yesterday was a mess but turned into a great evening!! I got up yesterday and tidied up around here before getting ready to go to my nephew's birthday party. On the way to the birthday party, thankfully not horribly far from home, my truck started acting weird then just quit. We ended up calling a wrecker and then had it towed home. Thankfully my hubby aka SUPER HUBBY, aka JACK OF ALL TRADES, aka MY HERO was able to get the book out and diagnose and start tearing the truck down to get it fixed. The tow cost us 60.00 and the part the truck needs was 92.00 so hopefully that will take care of it.

I called my mom to tell her about my dilema asked her to pass along my appologies for not being able to be there at the party and then asked if I could borrow my daddy's truck till hubby could get mine back to rights. I don't know how long it will take to get it fixed and hubs car is a commuter and not big enough for the kids, I still needed a way to get to church today and get them to school tomorrow. Mom was great she offered to come help in anyway she could and told me I could use the truck.

Dh's gram is my hero too, one call to her and she came to get the kids and I while dh rode home with the tow truck driver. Putting a car seat for the baby  in her car for when I take her to town to do her grocery shopping was the best idea we have ever had. Otherwise I would have had a horrible mess trying to switch out carseats.

So we arrive home and dh looked it over and went to get parts, while he was out there working on the truck- in the rain mind you- see I told you he was SUPER HUBBY, a friend of ours stopped and helped him for awhile then told him to give a call in the morning and he would come back to help more if needed.

In the mean time we were supposed to have company yesterday evening -a friend our ours is having a hard time, her exhusband just passed away over seas, her oldest son is really having a hard time and we planned to have them over to help take their mind off of what is going and to just be a good friend when they needed one, and they did come over for dinner, dh finished up for the night, got a good shower and joined us for dinner and a movie.

We rolled out sleeping bags for the younger kids to lay/sit on while watching a movie, my 6 yr old started to nod off, so I sent him to get pjs on and the conked out in a sleeping bag in the middle of the movie, I changed the baby into pjs and a dry diaper and she crawled up on my lap and went to sleep as well. Everyone left about 10:30 then we cleaned up a little and headed to bed ourselves!!

It was awful my truck died like that, hubby is positive that its the fuel pump and its a tough job definately not one of his favorites but at least he knows what to do. Probably saving us HUNDREDS of dollars.

I am blessed, to be sure, with a great husband, a great family who is there for us when ever we need them and then some and by awesome friends who would take time out of their own lives to help us even when not asked, and by friends who when in the first place we were hoping to bless with love and thoughtfulness, they blessed us with just being there and making a bad situation bearable.

Blessed indeed!! And THANKFUL !!!!

Today is the soup contest at church I am hoping that mine is a winner!! I made Sausage, Potato, and Kale soup, YUMMY!!

Dinner tonight is probably a mixture of leftovers and quick finds!!
Hope you have a full and blessed day!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday 4/21/12

Good Morning!!
3 out of 5 of us are up and ready to start the day!! I am going to start some laundry in a bit, enjoy another cup of coffee then give the main areas of the house a quick put together as we will more than likely have company later on this evening.

Last night when the hubs came home from work, we planted 2 rows of peas, and 2 rows of green beans, a pound of each, I still have a pound of peas and a pound of green beans left to plant but we decided to wait a couple weeks and then plant the rest so that the harvesting doesn't get a head of us. After the gardening work was done, we got cleaned up and hubby took us out to dinner.  What a treat!!! There's plenty leftover so that will probably be lunch today before we head out to go to my nephews birthday party!!

Dinner tonight is kind of up in the air, I have leftover taco meat and am thinking that since we are having company I might do nachos and finger foods for dinner. Something fun and easy!!

Enjoy your day!! I hope its a wonderful one!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Rainy Morning to ya!!

Woke up to cooler temps and rain today. Suits me just fine I have plenty of laundry to get done, as well as coupons to clip, lists to make and grocery/menu planning to do.

We haven't planted the garden yet and with this rain we are getting today and whats forcasted for tonight as well, I sure am kicking myself for not getting it done.
The seeds we planted over spring break are starting to come up and I am really happy about that!! The seeds we used were old seeds, but I took the project on with this outlook:

1. I wanted to do something fun with the kids that wouldn't cost us any money, because like everyone else...we don't have any money, lol
2. We had blast and I told the boys it was an experiment- which they love because their curious little souls!! And seriously what boy doesn't like dirt? haha Mine certainly do!!
3. I thought if they don't come up then, well we had fun doing it TOGETHER, spending time TOGETHER and it was worth it just for that.
4. IF they do come up well, we have the great time spent TOGETHER, the experiment was a success, plus it will save us in the long run because it will be less if any I have to spend at the nursery to buy plants this year.
So all around its WIN-WIN. The only down side is that now they want to plant and plant and plant more seeds and I am thinking if I give in to this our entire yard will be edible. Which isn't a bad thing really, its less mowing that will have to be done right? ;) Yeah well I'll let them work on their daddy with that one. lol

Ok I am off to start the laundry and lay out something for dinner!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Morning!!

Sitting hear enjoying my coffee before I start the getting ready for church roundup!! Little miss did not sleep the best, she was up with her sinuses all night, gagging and spitting up yuck!! She's up a attum now though like nothing ever happened. Me on the other hand, Another cup of coffee..ah yes I will thank you!!!

Yesterday was a blast, relaxed but productive too. For the most part I worked around the house, straightening up, sweeping, dishes, etc. We cleaned a grocery bag full of green onions that my pap gave me. I am planning on chopping them up and freezing them for use later in cooking. I made a new recipe in the crock pot then my brother came over and tilled up my garden and my friend Emmy's garden as well!! After my brother left I packed up my crock pots and took dinner over to Emmy and her family, we hung out, chatted, eat the new recipe and just enjoyed hanging out!!

Colby was bike racing with Emmy's hubby and wrecked he's pretty banged up and has plenty of road rash. But its bound to happen when your riding bikes and trying to out ride a man 4x your age. He had a good time but by about 8ish he was ready to come home for a shower and get bandaged up so we loaded up and came home.

I got Kara a bath because she played in the dirt all afternoon with Emmy's kids and she looked like a ragamuffin, lol a cute dirty ragamuffin!! While I was dressing Kara, Colby took his shower then I bandaged him up. I marinated some pork, made tea and it wasn't long after that till we were in bed.

This morning I plan on putting the pork in the crockpot, then head to church, Hopefully dh will be home from his camping trip by the time church gets out!! He has been camping all weekend with the Webelos, they were at cross over where they "crossover" from cub scouts to Boy Scouts!! Its a big deal, these boys have worked really hard!!!

My plans for the rest of the day are probably going to be in my garden!! I can't wait to get in there and get it planted!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012


GIVEAWAY: The Chicken Encyclopedia

Kendra is giving away this book!! You can check out the post on Kendra's Blog

I'm hoping to win!!

Friday the 13th!! 4/13/12

Good Morning!!

Today is a semi busy day for me, I have already gotten the oldest put on the bus, the younger two are still home till the middle one goes to Kindergarten a wee bit later.

That leaves little miss and myself home today like usual but the upside is that today


Yep and I am excited about that, he's semi-working from home/has the day off meaning that he's gotta keep his work phone on incase there are any hiccups while he is away but for the most part he is OFF from work today and I actually get to spend some time with him!! YAY!!

On the agenda?? Well I need to straighten up a bit around here first then after the middle child goes to Kindergarten, Daddy is taking his ladies out for lunch!! Hey I might not get him all to myself but the other lady vieing for his attention is pretty cute and well I can't say no to her either!!

Then its home to work around the house and get a few things done then pick the boys up from school!!

My middle child has a weekend date with his Granny. She was on vacation all last week and he missed her like crazy so he is spending the weekend with her. Which will leave the oldest and youngest home with us. The oldest is a preteen so spending the weekend curled up with Granny watching movies isn't his thing right now, and the youngest is still young enough to need me...ALOT she isn't great over night away from mom material yet. :)

What will we get into this weekend, who knows but hopefully it will be tons of fun with great food and maybe some friends thrown in!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My frugal tip for the day..

Actually isn't that frugal to begin with but here's what happened...

I bought 2 loaves of bread, I brought them in the house and set them in the rocking chair in my kitchen, my oldest son absentmindedly sat down in the chair smooshing almost completely flat an entire loaf of bread <- that is not the frugal part, I was upset, I felt almost deflated, this isn't the week to be absentminded and wasteful, we have very little if any extra funds this week until hubs gets paid next week. Anyway I *tried* to use the smooshed bread last night, figured I could save it by making grilled cheese sandwiches. well the first 2 slices came apart some what easy but the sequential slices were tearing when I tried to pull them apart making them unuseable so here is my solution...

I think tonight I am going to make hot turkey sandwiches only the bread will be torn- hoping my family won't balk at the idea but in case they do, my plan B is to just take the torn pieces put them into my dehydrator then once they are dry, grind them up to make my own bread crumbs.

Either way I am not letting that loaf of bread go to waste, I will make it work frugally for my family, even if it is smooshed, lol

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 4/3/12

Good Morning!!
I'm up, lol which is good because I was beat when I went to bed last night and I really wanted to sleep in but the hubs lunch won't pack itself so I got up and got his lunch ready to go. Now I am sitting here enjoying my coffee, catching up on blogs and different internet things and contemplating my day... I hope its as productive as yesterday!!

Yesterday I:
Got up packed up dh's lunch
did 7 loads of laundry
did 3 loads of dishes in the dishwasher- yes 3 and I was kicking my own but for that one. Sunday we had company right after church and they stayed till after 7, by the time they left and I got things straightened up I just piled the dishes in the sink and called it a night, so yesterday when I got ready to unload the dishwasher and reload it with dishes from sunday night I opened the dishwasher and what did I find?? DIRTY DISHES, I had cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher on Saturday night and FORGOT TO RUN IT, ugh I was unhappy but I started the dishwasher and when it was done I washed Sundays dishes and by the time Sunday's dishes were washed I had the breakfast and lunch dishes as well as I had started cleaning out the fridge so yeah 3 loads of dishes to be washed yesterday.
I also started cleaning and purging from my room!! I told my friend Emmy that when I set the kids to cleaning up this or that and they come to me with something they don't know what to do with I am normally knee deep in something and my go to reaction is "put it in my room and I'll deal with it later", so well yeah its later and my room has become a dumping ground and it seriously needed attention so I started on that yesterday, and hope to finish it later today!!
So that was my day yesterday, laundry, dishes, my room as well as meals, refereeing between kids, lol ya know the usual day!!

I hope to keep on being productive and get my house in order, I have some sewing projects I want to take care of and well if I get the house in order then my time will be MY TIME!!!

Not to mention that once the house is more organized and clean the way I want it, it will be a snap to straighten up and clean so I can spend most of my time in the garden!!! Oh come on warm weather, my garden is where I will be if you need me!!!
Have a great day!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break!!!

My kids are on spring break from school!! Its so great to have them home and the relaxed non-rushed atmosphere is lovely!! I feel rushed and running all the time so to have time off just to be is great!!

Our plans for the week??
Well I do need to get somethings done in the house and outside, which I am hoping will go alot easier now that I have the older two home to help me with the youngest one, I hope this means that this week will be really productive!!!

I do have some fun things planned as well, I mean the entire spring break can't be about cleaning right??

I know one day we have a "date" with Mammaw!! She is planning to take the kids and I out to lunch and take the kids shoe shopping for easter!! God I love that woman!! She is sooooo good to us!! I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of her family!! She is just a vast unending pool of knowledge!! At 88yrs old she has seen her share of just everything and having grown up a Coal Miners daughter in the hills of Tennesee she has had more than her share of hardships and has learned and grown from them. Its amazing that she now shares all that knowledge with me!! I know I am extremely appreciative!!

As far as the rest of the week, I know we will have a play/work date of sorts as well. A dear friend of ours has 2 boys, a 16yr old and a 11yr old. The 16yr old is going to come help me with yard work and the 11yr old is friends with our boys so he will be here to play and together we will get all the yard work done for our big Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday!!

So far so good, the weather is supposed to be nice, and I can't wait!!

The plan is that I am going to bake a Turkey and make mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing, as well as a dish of my macaroni salad for the kid's PopPop, dh's gram aka Mammaw is going to bake a turkey then everyone will bring a dish/dessert or two as well as a dozen filled eggs per child they bring with them. We'll enjoy a potluck lunch then hide all the eggs for the kids to find. Its a blast each time we get to do it!!

So far that is what I have planned for the week, could be more as the week progresses, we just don't know yet.. and that is the fun of it!!

Enjoy your week!!!