Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break!!!

My kids are on spring break from school!! Its so great to have them home and the relaxed non-rushed atmosphere is lovely!! I feel rushed and running all the time so to have time off just to be is great!!

Our plans for the week??
Well I do need to get somethings done in the house and outside, which I am hoping will go alot easier now that I have the older two home to help me with the youngest one, I hope this means that this week will be really productive!!!

I do have some fun things planned as well, I mean the entire spring break can't be about cleaning right??

I know one day we have a "date" with Mammaw!! She is planning to take the kids and I out to lunch and take the kids shoe shopping for easter!! God I love that woman!! She is sooooo good to us!! I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of her family!! She is just a vast unending pool of knowledge!! At 88yrs old she has seen her share of just everything and having grown up a Coal Miners daughter in the hills of Tennesee she has had more than her share of hardships and has learned and grown from them. Its amazing that she now shares all that knowledge with me!! I know I am extremely appreciative!!

As far as the rest of the week, I know we will have a play/work date of sorts as well. A dear friend of ours has 2 boys, a 16yr old and a 11yr old. The 16yr old is going to come help me with yard work and the 11yr old is friends with our boys so he will be here to play and together we will get all the yard work done for our big Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday!!

So far so good, the weather is supposed to be nice, and I can't wait!!

The plan is that I am going to bake a Turkey and make mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing, as well as a dish of my macaroni salad for the kid's PopPop, dh's gram aka Mammaw is going to bake a turkey then everyone will bring a dish/dessert or two as well as a dozen filled eggs per child they bring with them. We'll enjoy a potluck lunch then hide all the eggs for the kids to find. Its a blast each time we get to do it!!

So far that is what I have planned for the week, could be more as the week progresses, we just don't know yet.. and that is the fun of it!!

Enjoy your week!!!

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  1. I hope that you have a wonderful Spring break. We had ours last week and are now back into school. What a blessing to have family like that and she can pass on some knowledge to you.

    Have a wonderful week with your family.