Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!! 4/13/12

Good Morning!!

Today is a semi busy day for me, I have already gotten the oldest put on the bus, the younger two are still home till the middle one goes to Kindergarten a wee bit later.

That leaves little miss and myself home today like usual but the upside is that today


Yep and I am excited about that, he's semi-working from home/has the day off meaning that he's gotta keep his work phone on incase there are any hiccups while he is away but for the most part he is OFF from work today and I actually get to spend some time with him!! YAY!!

On the agenda?? Well I need to straighten up a bit around here first then after the middle child goes to Kindergarten, Daddy is taking his ladies out for lunch!! Hey I might not get him all to myself but the other lady vieing for his attention is pretty cute and well I can't say no to her either!!

Then its home to work around the house and get a few things done then pick the boys up from school!!

My middle child has a weekend date with his Granny. She was on vacation all last week and he missed her like crazy so he is spending the weekend with her. Which will leave the oldest and youngest home with us. The oldest is a preteen so spending the weekend curled up with Granny watching movies isn't his thing right now, and the youngest is still young enough to need me...ALOT she isn't great over night away from mom material yet. :)

What will we get into this weekend, who knows but hopefully it will be tons of fun with great food and maybe some friends thrown in!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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