Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday 4/21/12

Good Morning!!
3 out of 5 of us are up and ready to start the day!! I am going to start some laundry in a bit, enjoy another cup of coffee then give the main areas of the house a quick put together as we will more than likely have company later on this evening.

Last night when the hubs came home from work, we planted 2 rows of peas, and 2 rows of green beans, a pound of each, I still have a pound of peas and a pound of green beans left to plant but we decided to wait a couple weeks and then plant the rest so that the harvesting doesn't get a head of us. After the gardening work was done, we got cleaned up and hubby took us out to dinner.  What a treat!!! There's plenty leftover so that will probably be lunch today before we head out to go to my nephews birthday party!!

Dinner tonight is kind of up in the air, I have leftover taco meat and am thinking that since we are having company I might do nachos and finger foods for dinner. Something fun and easy!!

Enjoy your day!! I hope its a wonderful one!!


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