Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday 4/22/2012

Good Morning!! Happy Earth Day!!

I am enjoying a cup of coffee before getting us ready for church.

Yesterday was a mess but turned into a great evening!! I got up yesterday and tidied up around here before getting ready to go to my nephew's birthday party. On the way to the birthday party, thankfully not horribly far from home, my truck started acting weird then just quit. We ended up calling a wrecker and then had it towed home. Thankfully my hubby aka SUPER HUBBY, aka JACK OF ALL TRADES, aka MY HERO was able to get the book out and diagnose and start tearing the truck down to get it fixed. The tow cost us 60.00 and the part the truck needs was 92.00 so hopefully that will take care of it.

I called my mom to tell her about my dilema asked her to pass along my appologies for not being able to be there at the party and then asked if I could borrow my daddy's truck till hubby could get mine back to rights. I don't know how long it will take to get it fixed and hubs car is a commuter and not big enough for the kids, I still needed a way to get to church today and get them to school tomorrow. Mom was great she offered to come help in anyway she could and told me I could use the truck.

Dh's gram is my hero too, one call to her and she came to get the kids and I while dh rode home with the tow truck driver. Putting a car seat for the baby  in her car for when I take her to town to do her grocery shopping was the best idea we have ever had. Otherwise I would have had a horrible mess trying to switch out carseats.

So we arrive home and dh looked it over and went to get parts, while he was out there working on the truck- in the rain mind you- see I told you he was SUPER HUBBY, a friend of ours stopped and helped him for awhile then told him to give a call in the morning and he would come back to help more if needed.

In the mean time we were supposed to have company yesterday evening -a friend our ours is having a hard time, her exhusband just passed away over seas, her oldest son is really having a hard time and we planned to have them over to help take their mind off of what is going and to just be a good friend when they needed one, and they did come over for dinner, dh finished up for the night, got a good shower and joined us for dinner and a movie.

We rolled out sleeping bags for the younger kids to lay/sit on while watching a movie, my 6 yr old started to nod off, so I sent him to get pjs on and the conked out in a sleeping bag in the middle of the movie, I changed the baby into pjs and a dry diaper and she crawled up on my lap and went to sleep as well. Everyone left about 10:30 then we cleaned up a little and headed to bed ourselves!!

It was awful my truck died like that, hubby is positive that its the fuel pump and its a tough job definately not one of his favorites but at least he knows what to do. Probably saving us HUNDREDS of dollars.

I am blessed, to be sure, with a great husband, a great family who is there for us when ever we need them and then some and by awesome friends who would take time out of their own lives to help us even when not asked, and by friends who when in the first place we were hoping to bless with love and thoughtfulness, they blessed us with just being there and making a bad situation bearable.

Blessed indeed!! And THANKFUL !!!!

Today is the soup contest at church I am hoping that mine is a winner!! I made Sausage, Potato, and Kale soup, YUMMY!!

Dinner tonight is probably a mixture of leftovers and quick finds!!
Hope you have a full and blessed day!!!

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