Sunday, April 29, 2012

Company's Coming!!

Not sure why this didn't get posted on Friday but here it was hiding in my draft folder.......

Good Morning!!

Its a busy day for me, which is normal but today is a little bit more busy.

So far I 've gotten the hub's lunch packed and he is off to work, both boys are off to school, I've printed papers out and stopped by and helped dh's gram fill out paperwork, addressed envelopes and got things ready to go in the mail her.

Now I am back home, laundry is going, dishwasher is going and little miss boo and I have had lunch. The boys get out of school early today so it won't be long till time to pick them up. Then back home to get things in order and finish up chores.

Later on this evening some friends of ours are coming over, mainly so that dh has help putting my truck back together, he thinks he has it fixed!!! I decided to make dinner for everyone, as a thank you and as a hey lets just get together kind of thing!!

Our dinner menu is
Roasted Chicken- making this in the 18qt roaster since my oven is still on the fritz
Mashed Potatoes with gravy
Fried Cabbage
Green beans
deviled eggs
rice- oldest son doesn't care for mashed potatoes
hm and home canned cinnamon applesauce


I didn't originally plan on making the deviled eggs but I was asked to make a dish for a funeral dinner tomorrow and since the oven is on the fritz, eggs is what I had an abundance of so deviled eggs it is and since I was already cooking eggs for the funeral dinner whats a few more for dinner tonight right??

In other news I've picked up the needle again- the crochet needle that is and have already crocheted 3.5 snowflakes. Trying to get a jump on the gift making. I get all excited craft like crazy then I burn out, it runs in cycles so while I have the nudge I am going to keep on it in my spare time!!

Trying to keep busy today, trying not to dwell on things out of my control and just to find some peace in what is and keep focused on the future. Today is my Daddy's 56th birthday!! I miss him like crazy and I hurt so much because he isn't here with us. I ache because my kids are missing out on a great man. I know we will all be together again one day, till then....Happy Birthday Daddy!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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