Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday 4/29/2012

Good Morning!!

We're fixing to get ready for church soon but I thought I would take a minute to check in!!

Our friends came over, we had a great time and my truck is running!! Hubs said there are a few things left to put back on but its mostly cosmetic stuff and they think the truck is fine!! Hopefully he will be able to finish buttoning it up today and I can return my dad's truck to my mom this afternoon!!

Yesterday was a lazy day for the most part, little miss was up in the middle of the night coughing and gagging and spitting up, it was her allergies but at the time I was worried. We were supposed to go to a hike with the cubscouts but dh had to work and with  getting sick in the middle of the night those few times and the temps with a high of 50 knowing it would be cooler in the mountains for the hike and the 70% chance of rain....the thought of taking 3 kids on a hike in the cold rain by myselft....well we skipped it!!

Instead we stayed home, tidied up and I spent most of the day crocheting and watching movies with this child or that child as they took turns playing games on the computer. Mid afternoon little miss and I layed down for a nap and caught a few Z's not many though, she was a floppy thing, she spent more time wrestling the bed and her mama instead of napping, so it was a broken sleep. Dh came home from work and we ordered out pizza, it was horrible, I will be so glad when we get our oven fixed!! I think dh said he would get into it today, God Bless him it will be the first oppertunity to take a look at it, he has been so busy with work and scouts that well it took a back burner, he is pretty sure its just the bottom element and he said he would order me one. I do miss my oven!!

Today is church then much wanted  and needed family time!!  Dinner tonight is up in the air, there's a memorial service at church for a member who passed. I guess we will play it by ear!!

Hope you enjoy your day!

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