Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday 4/23/2012

Good Rainy and Cold Monday Morning!!

We are in the middle of a Nor'easter storm, and have been pummled with rain all weekend. Its really cold and there has been some snowy mix as well. Not the best conditions hoped for at the last weeks of April but its doable, just got to drag back out the warmer clothing, much to the chagrin of my shorts loving sons!!

Its a new week so a new outlook right?? Gonna let the bring me downs of the weekend aka my truck breaking down fade to the back ground and hopefully a new week will bring new experiences and new happenings to make a for a full happy and  fullfilling week!! Here's hoping!!!

I'll start with my menu plan, its a little up in the air due to finances, unfinished shopping trips and lack of time. But that is ok, we'll make it work!!

Tonight is scouts, so I am doing something easy for dinner tonight probably breakfast for dinner. Quick, yummy and filling!!

Tomorrow our friend is coming back over to help the hubs work on my truck some more, its a little more involved than originally thought and probably going to be a bit more expensive too, never the less trying to keep a chin up attitude about it. So I told the wife to come on over too and bring the kiddos!! No reason why us ladies can't take advantage of some chit chat time and the kids can play all the while and hopefully the guys will be able to put my humpty dumpty truck back together again in great working order!!! So I am thinking kids, lots of kids, hmmm How about  Hot/Chili Dogs, hm mac and cheese and maybe baked beans for dinner!!

Wednesday- my oven is still out of commission but I think I may "bake" a chicken  or two in my 18qt roaster, with all the trimmings

Thursday- Chicken and Dumplings of course!!! With leftover side dishes!! or if its still raining like predicted I may make a pot of hm chicken soup, mmmm the possibilities!!

Friday is Pizza night normally, maybe there will be money in the budget for take out pizza or maybe will just think of something else!!!

The weekend plans are up in the air so I'll decide on meals closer to then!!

Hope your day isn't being rained out, but if it is like mine I hope you plan to make the most of it, Mine will be spent doing laundry and cleaning up, hopefully working on moving furniture around in my boys room.
Have a great day!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your truck troubles. Isn't it great to have a hubby that will fix things? I know that I appreciate my husband and all that he does.

    We have had warm weather here for us. We were up to 88º today. It should drop back into the 60s by Friday with rain in the forecast. Just as long as it doesn't frost.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.