Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Menu plan for 5/31-6/5

Monday: We probably had what most of the rest of the country was having: Hamburgers and Hotdogs on the grill, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, green beans (for my green bean eating machines Kara and Brady) onion slaw, impatient cake, sweet tea

Tonight: Spaghetti

The rest of the week:

HUGE Salad either with broiled salmon on top or chicken tenders
Tacos with all the trimmings
Hm pizza
Whole Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie

Saturday we are going to a highschool graduation party so will have dinner there.

My husband really loves me!!

I heard the temperature was suposed to be 104* yesterday. People I'm tellin ya that is HOT!!
And what did my honey do???

He tilled my garden. He is still recovering from pneumonia as well, he's amazing!!

First we went to a local nursery to get my garden plants, how dissapointed was I that they weren't on 50% off sale as they were in previous years but alas we had to get them anyway, or there would be no garden.

Then we came home and I watered everything really well and dh set out to till the garden, he tilled about 1/2 then came in looking like he was ready to pop, he was red all over and super sweaty, so he stayed in for the remainder of the day then after dinner finished up the tilling. He told me to wait till tonight and we will put the garden in!!

Also I guess the garden decided to start without me, lol because when dh went down to do the tilling, we had potatoes up from last year and the onions I knew were down there had already started going to seed, so I grabbed a basket and went to pulling up the onions and believe it or not I got a bushel basket of onions. I am going to pull the seed tops off, replant those and then work through the onions to see whats salvageable, they are all really firm and I called my pap and he said to plant the tops and eat the onions lol, so I think we will!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Girls Night OUT!!!

So I am super excited!!! I haven't been out with my friends for a girls night out since before Kara was walking!!

I have alot of things to accomplish today to be able to get out tonight and enjoy being out with friends and not feel my housework tugging at me to get home.

Does that ever happen to you??

On my list of to-dos for today is to give the house a once over- straighten what needs straightening, sweep, collect trash etc etc.

I need to finish up bagging up the strawberries I picked earlier this week. I am almost done with that though so no biggie.

I have paper work for cubscouts that must be completed and sent off today-thats a project for nap time

Bills need to be paid and sent out in the mail- another project for nap time

Dinner preps- HM Pizza is on the menu for tonight so I will get them already then daddy will just need to pop them into the oven come dinner time.

Ok I better get going, lots to do, little time to get it done!!

Have a great day!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The plan for today...5/20/11

Is pretty much the same plan I have every friday... and that is to make sure everything is caught up so that we have a relaxing stress free weekend. I don't think we will get much of that resting part but at least everything should be caught up and maybe after projects are done we can relax and enjoy the weekend.

My plan for the weekend is to do a big grocery shop, I think dh's plan for the weekend is to put down the linoleum in my mom's kitchen. Cross your fingers that she gets the painting done today and then they can go tonight to pick up the linoleum.

I would love to work on that jean skirt experiment that I have going on but we will see if time permits.

There is always SO much I want to get done but the reality is with 3 kiddos there is only so much you CAN get done and ya know I am ok with that.

Dinner tonight is Chicken, Alfredo noodles and Broccolli

Have a blessed day!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding time....

Oh today is a busy day for us for sure!!

My oldest will be staying home from school, he's still not feeling well and I will be taking him to the dr today.

My youngest son is going to preschool, and I do plan on meeting up with a couple friends today to swap coupons but we will see how it goes.

Other than that its a normal day for us. Housework, meal preps, same old same old!!

Dinner tonight is leftover rice from last night made into Shrimp and (lots of) Veggies fried rice. I think dh may pick up some egg rolls from a local place on his way home, maybe.

I also need to work on finalizing my grocery list and going over and matching coupons to sale items because I have my big grocery shop coming up this weekend and I want to be sure I am getting the most for my money. The grocery bill is one place where it falls to me to be watchful of our spending and its very easy to let the spending get out of hand where groceries are concerned but I hope to do well with coupons and sales!!

I hope you have a great day!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hmmm.....Wednesday 5/18/2011

Today has been a busy day at home for me...except when I had to go get my oldest from school because he is feeling bad and has a fever.

We came home from picking him up and he went straight to the couch, I gave him some meds and I started laundry and tea and unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it and got it going.

I made lunch and make a second pot of tea, the first was for ice tea for us, the second was for iced tea my mom. I also have her dinner packed and ready to go. I thought she was coming by to pick it all up on her way home from town but I haven't seen anything of her yet.

I have all but the last 2 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded, the last two are in the washer and dryer. I need to get it finished up so I can get everything put away before dh gets home.

Dinner needs to be started soon too, I still need to straighten up the house a bit and sweep. But that is pretty much my day.

Dinner tonight is Italian Sausage with onions and green peppers over rice.

Hope you've had a great day!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Babysitting the oven...an update

White bread...done
Cinnamon Swirl Bread...done
Chocolate Chip Cookies...in process :)

Right now I am babysitting the oven, I've finished the bread and have moved on to the cookies. I can't go far from the oven so I guess I will focus on making sure the kitchen is nice and straight while I am babysitting the oven.

I've unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher after lunch, I need to clean off the table and put the dishes that are in the dishdrainer away, sweep and make sure everything is tidy. I also need to check on drinks and make sure we have tea, koolaid and lemonade or I'll need to make some.

I hope to have time for hand pies, the jury is still out on that one!!

Just keeping busy!!

Monday 5/16

Good Morning!!

Today is a day at home for me!! Right now I have yeast proofing, butter laid out to come to room temp for cookies later, so yeah suprise suprise, I didn't get my baking done this weekend. But hey thats ok, the kids had a great time, and dh was finished working sooner than I thought which is great and we had a nice weekend hanging out spending time together and playing board games.

Which means today is baking day, and maybe I'll get it all done today and maybe not but I am not stressing it.

As of right now I am making regular bread and cinnamon swirl bread, and choc chip cookies.

And I am thinking I may work up the cookie dough but only bake a couple dozen then freeze the rest of the dough into balls for quick "fresh baked" cookies later on. But I have to see how much cookie dough I have.

Of course there are still the regular meals that need made, and dishes, and laundry but hey thats my day to day normals.

I do plan to look over the ads with a fine tooth comb today and go over my coupons and get them sorted and ready to go. I need to do a big shop this week when dh gets paid and why not save as much as I can while I am there?!

Ok that is all for me today!!
Have a great day!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

TGIF!! 5/13/2011

Today is another day at home for me!! And for that I am thankful!!

I have a busy day planned for sure!!

Laundry, cleaning, meal preps, loving on my munchkins. And BAKING!!!

Dh has to work this weekend so I thought I would take the oppertunity to get ahead on some freezer cooking!!

I'm thinking:
Cinnamon Bread
Hand Pies

I figured I would concentrate on laundry and housekeeping today then tomorrow I will work on the baking!!

I also want to make some Country Comfort Foods for dinner this weekend so that dh comes home to a great meal and a clean house and knows how much we appreciate him working the way he does to take care of us!! So starting tonight I am making a few of his favorites!!

Tonight Ham Steaks, fried potatoes, eggs
Tomorrow night Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans
Sunday Beef Roast in the crock pot, with leftover mashed potatoes and green beans, I'll make extra veggies on Saturday so that we will have a nice easy meal waiting for us after church on Sunday!!

That is my plan anyway!! I better get to it, the kiddos are down for naps, lunch time is over and the dryer is finished so I need to get back to it!!
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday's To-do list 5/11/2011

First and foremost I need to mow.

Then during nap time I need to:

Make Kool-aid and Lemonade
clean the green onions I was given from my Pap
I have laundry to do... Don't we always?lol
and of course clean/straighten up the house and make dinner!!

Dinner plans tonight are Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans

The meatloaf is already mixed up and in the fridge, I had bought a large pack of hamburger at Costco over the weekend so last night I make tacos and while I was in the kitchen chopping veggies for tacos I went a head and chopped veggies for and mixed up a meatloaf as well since I had all the ingredients in front of me. Did I mention I was even able to sneak some veggies into my picky eating oldest child?? Yep those tacos last night were full of finely chopped onions and finely chopped celery and no one was the wiser!! With all the taco seasoning the veggies were undetectable!! :)

Here's my super easy super yummy recipe for Meatloaf, I have proably shared it before, maybe on the other blog but here goes anyway......

2lbs of hamburger
1 onion, chopped fine
1-2 celery stalks chopped fine
1 box Savory Herbs Stove Top Stuffing
2 eggs
salt and pepper to suit you
1 cup of water

mix everything really well in put into a greased casserole baking pan, this will feed us plus leave us enough leftovers for dh to take in his lunch and for me to make a plate to take to my mom.

Of course I've been making this meatloaf since before we had kids so if your family size isn't as big as ours than you can divide the meatloaf mixture in half and freeze one for later, I have had great results with this, I love having things in the freezer for fuss free meal times.

Well thats about it for me!! Have a great day!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am blessed to be mama of Colby, Brady and Kara!! God's gifts to me and I am ever so thankful for them!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I am happy its friday!! I hope to find time to sew today but I won't hold my breath!! I've been on the run all week so I really have alot to get done at home today.

The laundry is almost caught up, spending time finishing it up this morning after my oldest goes to school should have it caught up for the weekend.

I also need to spend time in the kitchen, unload and reload the dishwasher, straighten up and sweep, ya know it needs mopped too, maybe I should put that on the list too!!

The living room...well right now I am using one of the couches as a folding area for all the laundry so I won't be able to do much in there until the laundry is finished and the clothes are put away.

The bathroom needs just straightened.

I took away all the trash yesterday so maybe I will be able to spend tomorrow grocery shopping for next week and mowing. I love to mow!!

I may get to that sewing, maybe not its more important for me to have things caught up for the weekend, makes for a more relaxing weekend!!

Hope you have a great friday and a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just put a hm apple pie in the oven, its fixin to smell really good in here really soon!!

Mike is going to be happy!! He loves my hm apple pie!!

Getting the itch....

TO SEW!!!!!

So now that I am not babysitting anymore I am hoping to have lots more time to work on all those projects that I have ideas for tucked into the back of my mind!!

I was able to return a good bit of baby stuff that I used for babysitting that I stored in Kara's room. Poor girl her room was just practically storage except for her crib which she sleeps in. Now that I have returned most everything there actually is alot of room in there and ya know what?? Little miss has no curtains on her window, a shade but no curtains, she has no decorations on her walls, poor girl.

But Mama is about to make that all better, I bought some cute fabric yesterday and on the agenda for this week is to make something cute for her window!! I am thinking of just a valance, I don't want anything that hangs down that she might want to grab a hold of and swing hang off of. I know sounds a bit extreme but let's remember I had 2 boys before I had this little girl and there isn't much that suprises me these days. LOL The things these kids come up with sometimes I tell ya makes my head spin!! LOL

Then I think I need to come up with some cute wall decorations.

And yes I know its already Wednesday, the plan for today was to take dh's gram to the dr, run a couple errands and now I am home to catch up the laundry. I hope to get most if not all of it done today and I'll finish it up tomorrow if I need to then the plan is to sew, sew, sew!!

I have lots of ideas swimming around in my noggin!! And I can't wait to get started!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Menu for the rest of the week.....

Tonight : Huge Garden Salad, broiled Salmon, maybe a baked potato

The rest of the week:

Chicken, Alfredo Noodles and Broccolli
Pork Chops, fried Potatoes, corn
Breakfast for dinner, Sausage gravy over toast, juice
Beef and Veggie Stir Fry over rice

Sunday is Mother's Day so not sure yet what the plan is for that!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Monday Morning!!

Ahhh I sit here listening to my youngest kiddos play. My oldest is off to school already.

My day today will be spent at home catching up from our busy weekend. Our intended company didn't make it after all due to car trouble. They were missed we were all really looking forward to spending time with "Uncle Mike and Liz". Technically not my kids uncle but as the saying goes friends are the family you get to pick yourself!!

We had a busy weekend just the same though, Saturday we went to the "Weekend in the Park" as this weekend was the big Apple Blossom Festival. I love going to the park, that is where they have all the craft vendors. I saw lots of great things and picked up a few great ideas for hm gifts.

We left the park, get some lunch then came home because dh had to work from home for a few hours. While he worked inside the kids and I were outside enjoying more of the georgeous day!! I mowed the grass, I love to mow and my mini me Kara was along for the ride!! I think she likes mowing as much as I do!! She and I were out too long though and we both ended up sunburned :(

After Dh was finished working I had most of the mowing done, we went out again to dinner then to the bookstore, my weakness, we bought a bunch of books from their marked down bin, the boys got a couple books and I got 2 more books from the mini series of books by Wanda Brunstetter that I am reading. Then home again.

Sunday we got ready for church, then came home for lunch, dh stayed home with the boys for some guy time- they did some "honey do" chores for dh's gram then came back to play video games and board games. My mom, Kara and I went to the cemetary then to visit my gram and Paps house, then we came home watched a movie with Kara, "Tangled" (We watch this movie EVERY day with Kara, lol its her favorite right now!!) Then we picked up Mike's gram then all of us went out to eat for an early Mother's day dinner.

When we crawled into bed last night we were exhausted!! It was a busy and full weekend but a great one!!