Friday, May 20, 2011

The plan for today...5/20/11

Is pretty much the same plan I have every friday... and that is to make sure everything is caught up so that we have a relaxing stress free weekend. I don't think we will get much of that resting part but at least everything should be caught up and maybe after projects are done we can relax and enjoy the weekend.

My plan for the weekend is to do a big grocery shop, I think dh's plan for the weekend is to put down the linoleum in my mom's kitchen. Cross your fingers that she gets the painting done today and then they can go tonight to pick up the linoleum.

I would love to work on that jean skirt experiment that I have going on but we will see if time permits.

There is always SO much I want to get done but the reality is with 3 kiddos there is only so much you CAN get done and ya know I am ok with that.

Dinner tonight is Chicken, Alfredo noodles and Broccolli

Have a blessed day!!

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