Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Monday Morning!!

Ahhh I sit here listening to my youngest kiddos play. My oldest is off to school already.

My day today will be spent at home catching up from our busy weekend. Our intended company didn't make it after all due to car trouble. They were missed we were all really looking forward to spending time with "Uncle Mike and Liz". Technically not my kids uncle but as the saying goes friends are the family you get to pick yourself!!

We had a busy weekend just the same though, Saturday we went to the "Weekend in the Park" as this weekend was the big Apple Blossom Festival. I love going to the park, that is where they have all the craft vendors. I saw lots of great things and picked up a few great ideas for hm gifts.

We left the park, get some lunch then came home because dh had to work from home for a few hours. While he worked inside the kids and I were outside enjoying more of the georgeous day!! I mowed the grass, I love to mow and my mini me Kara was along for the ride!! I think she likes mowing as much as I do!! She and I were out too long though and we both ended up sunburned :(

After Dh was finished working I had most of the mowing done, we went out again to dinner then to the bookstore, my weakness, we bought a bunch of books from their marked down bin, the boys got a couple books and I got 2 more books from the mini series of books by Wanda Brunstetter that I am reading. Then home again.

Sunday we got ready for church, then came home for lunch, dh stayed home with the boys for some guy time- they did some "honey do" chores for dh's gram then came back to play video games and board games. My mom, Kara and I went to the cemetary then to visit my gram and Paps house, then we came home watched a movie with Kara, "Tangled" (We watch this movie EVERY day with Kara, lol its her favorite right now!!) Then we picked up Mike's gram then all of us went out to eat for an early Mother's day dinner.

When we crawled into bed last night we were exhausted!! It was a busy and full weekend but a great one!!

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