Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding time....

Oh today is a busy day for us for sure!!

My oldest will be staying home from school, he's still not feeling well and I will be taking him to the dr today.

My youngest son is going to preschool, and I do plan on meeting up with a couple friends today to swap coupons but we will see how it goes.

Other than that its a normal day for us. Housework, meal preps, same old same old!!

Dinner tonight is leftover rice from last night made into Shrimp and (lots of) Veggies fried rice. I think dh may pick up some egg rolls from a local place on his way home, maybe.

I also need to work on finalizing my grocery list and going over and matching coupons to sale items because I have my big grocery shop coming up this weekend and I want to be sure I am getting the most for my money. The grocery bill is one place where it falls to me to be watchful of our spending and its very easy to let the spending get out of hand where groceries are concerned but I hope to do well with coupons and sales!!

I hope you have a great day!!


  1. Good luck with that. I still have not managed to get into couponing. There just never seem to be coupons for things I buy. :(

  2. Hey Tiffani!!

    I use alot of coupons for toiletries or HBA!! There are some others that I use but we don't use alot of processed stuff either, some, but it doesn't make up the majority of my shopping.