Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday 5/16

Good Morning!!

Today is a day at home for me!! Right now I have yeast proofing, butter laid out to come to room temp for cookies later, so yeah suprise suprise, I didn't get my baking done this weekend. But hey thats ok, the kids had a great time, and dh was finished working sooner than I thought which is great and we had a nice weekend hanging out spending time together and playing board games.

Which means today is baking day, and maybe I'll get it all done today and maybe not but I am not stressing it.

As of right now I am making regular bread and cinnamon swirl bread, and choc chip cookies.

And I am thinking I may work up the cookie dough but only bake a couple dozen then freeze the rest of the dough into balls for quick "fresh baked" cookies later on. But I have to see how much cookie dough I have.

Of course there are still the regular meals that need made, and dishes, and laundry but hey thats my day to day normals.

I do plan to look over the ads with a fine tooth comb today and go over my coupons and get them sorted and ready to go. I need to do a big shop this week when dh gets paid and why not save as much as I can while I am there?!

Ok that is all for me today!!
Have a great day!!

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  1. I like your idea of freezing cookie dough into balls. Have a great day.