Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 4/3/12

Good Morning!!
I'm up, lol which is good because I was beat when I went to bed last night and I really wanted to sleep in but the hubs lunch won't pack itself so I got up and got his lunch ready to go. Now I am sitting here enjoying my coffee, catching up on blogs and different internet things and contemplating my day... I hope its as productive as yesterday!!

Yesterday I:
Got up packed up dh's lunch
did 7 loads of laundry
did 3 loads of dishes in the dishwasher- yes 3 and I was kicking my own but for that one. Sunday we had company right after church and they stayed till after 7, by the time they left and I got things straightened up I just piled the dishes in the sink and called it a night, so yesterday when I got ready to unload the dishwasher and reload it with dishes from sunday night I opened the dishwasher and what did I find?? DIRTY DISHES, I had cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher on Saturday night and FORGOT TO RUN IT, ugh I was unhappy but I started the dishwasher and when it was done I washed Sundays dishes and by the time Sunday's dishes were washed I had the breakfast and lunch dishes as well as I had started cleaning out the fridge so yeah 3 loads of dishes to be washed yesterday.
I also started cleaning and purging from my room!! I told my friend Emmy that when I set the kids to cleaning up this or that and they come to me with something they don't know what to do with I am normally knee deep in something and my go to reaction is "put it in my room and I'll deal with it later", so well yeah its later and my room has become a dumping ground and it seriously needed attention so I started on that yesterday, and hope to finish it later today!!
So that was my day yesterday, laundry, dishes, my room as well as meals, refereeing between kids, lol ya know the usual day!!

I hope to keep on being productive and get my house in order, I have some sewing projects I want to take care of and well if I get the house in order then my time will be MY TIME!!!

Not to mention that once the house is more organized and clean the way I want it, it will be a snap to straighten up and clean so I can spend most of my time in the garden!!! Oh come on warm weather, my garden is where I will be if you need me!!!
Have a great day!!

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  1. Hi, my name is donna. I am new to reading your blog but have so enjoyed it. I think we might have the same food stainer. It sounds like yours works the same as mine. I love mine. It makes work so much easier. I use mine with tomatoes and lots of other things. Come over and visit me at my blog when you have time. www.merryheartcrafts.com Enjoy your day and God bless.