Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Rainy Morning to ya!!

Woke up to cooler temps and rain today. Suits me just fine I have plenty of laundry to get done, as well as coupons to clip, lists to make and grocery/menu planning to do.

We haven't planted the garden yet and with this rain we are getting today and whats forcasted for tonight as well, I sure am kicking myself for not getting it done.
The seeds we planted over spring break are starting to come up and I am really happy about that!! The seeds we used were old seeds, but I took the project on with this outlook:

1. I wanted to do something fun with the kids that wouldn't cost us any money, because like everyone else...we don't have any money, lol
2. We had blast and I told the boys it was an experiment- which they love because their curious little souls!! And seriously what boy doesn't like dirt? haha Mine certainly do!!
3. I thought if they don't come up then, well we had fun doing it TOGETHER, spending time TOGETHER and it was worth it just for that.
4. IF they do come up well, we have the great time spent TOGETHER, the experiment was a success, plus it will save us in the long run because it will be less if any I have to spend at the nursery to buy plants this year.
So all around its WIN-WIN. The only down side is that now they want to plant and plant and plant more seeds and I am thinking if I give in to this our entire yard will be edible. Which isn't a bad thing really, its less mowing that will have to be done right? ;) Yeah well I'll let them work on their daddy with that one. lol

Ok I am off to start the laundry and lay out something for dinner!!


  1. Togetherness is great. How fun and exciting for your boys to see their efforts produce. We need to start planting more things in our garden, maybe this weekend.

    I hope that you have a wonderful day with your family. We are going to have about 1 acre full of garden this year.


  2. Boys & dirt! I know what ya mean! We got to get our garden done soon!