Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday afternoon...

Just a normal sunday around here today!! We had church this morning, then went out to lunch with friends, we're home now but its chilly so we're house bound which is ok, I am getting a jump on tomorrows work!! The dishwasher is humming, the washer is going, the dryer too, and I am working I am taking a break from working in the kitchen to blog a bit!! My little girl is watching a cartoon, my oldest is playing in his room and my middle child is with his great grandma!! He loves spending time with her!!

Not sure what the dinner plan is yet, I am so super stuffed from lunch I would be ok to skip dinner altogether but I'm betting that idea won't fly with the fam.♥

Hopefully I'll get a good catch up on tomorrows chores so tomorrow will be a laid back day especially since there is no school. Hmm maybe I can pack dh's lunch tonight so tomorrow I can sleep in, hmm maybe!!

Have a great day with your families!!

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