Wednesday, March 14, 2012

35 doesn't look so bad

Infact it doesn't feel much different than 34 other than the fact that I look at my children and think wow where did the time go, its hard for me to grip that Colby will be 11 this year, Brady will be 7 and my sweet sweet boo Kara who just turned 2 3months ago will be three right after christmas this year. I think about that and get a little overwhelmed at that and wonder how it happened so fast only to remember that as of yesterday I am now 35 and I am the mom most graciously granted by the Lord above to those precious 10,6 and 2 year old children!!

I tell ya I am loved completely!! I have gotten cards, phone calls and gifts all starting last sunday!!

My grandparents gave me 20.00 for my birthday, which I plan to add to the 20.00 gift card my mother gave me for christmas to buy either some summer clothes or some under clothes- Yeah underwear how exciting am I, lol

Dh's gram took me shopping and bought me a new folding table, its one of those 6ft tables that folds for storage, we already have one and I am super excited to have another one, they are so handy for parties, cookouts, etc!!!

My mother gave me a bouquet of flowers, 2 grape plants, a blue berry plant and a black berry plant- what can I say, she knows me well and I am practical, when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her she didn't have to do a thing but I needed a couple new ladles, and a subscription to Mother Earth News,lol She instead went with the plants and flowers and I am super happy with the new plants, hubs said he will build me a grape arbor and will plant the berries just as soon as I pick out a spot!!

I got cards from my other grand parents, a lady from church and a gazillion phone calls and posts on facebook wishing me happy birthday, and I heard from all of my brothers yesterday!! I am the only girl so to hear from all of them is a big deal because we don't really keep in touch all that great, everyone is so busy!!!

Dh asked me what I wanted for my birthday a month ago and I told him a new icemaker for my fridge as mine has stopped working some time ago. It hasn't arrived yet but its on its way!! He also got the last 2 days off from work the weather was beautiful and he took me to lunch both days!!

I just don't think it gets much better than that folks, I pleased as punch with my birthday gifts, I love the practicallity of it all, everything I will use and that will benefit not only me but my family as well. But between you and me I think mom had alterior motives as she loves black berry pie ;) and knows I love to bake,lol

Hope your having a wonderful day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration. How nice to have nice weather and going out for lunch.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.