Saturday, March 24, 2012

Canning in March??? o.O

Why yes I am!! One of the neighbors has a farm and this past week they had to clear out their cold storage, I guess for the impending harvest seasons. Anyway we were offered a bushel of apples and of course I said yes!! You just can never say no to free food!!

1/2 a bushel were yellow delicious, 1/2 a bushel are granny smiths, I've already cooked down the yellow delicious, and they are set to become applesauce, the neat thing is, I have a new toy to try and I can't wait. Dh bought me a food strainer for christmas and all you have to do is quarter your apples and cook them skin and all then run the cooked apples through the food strainer and it strains the apple pulp from the seeds, skin and such!! How cool is that?? Should make processing apples for applesauce a breeze. Last year I peeled and peeled and peeled FOREVER to get the apples ready to cook down to make applesauce. But with the food strainer you don't have to peel just cut out any bad spots and toss in a pot, I think I had 2 large pots full of that 1/2 bushel on cooking in less than 15 mins!!! I am so thankful for him buying me this attatchment!!!

Like I said my apples are already cooked I am waiting to dh's "help" to do the straining, he wants to see how it works so I told him I would wait for his help to do the straining. He's a kid at heart that way, New toy in the house he wants to see it in action and it doesn't matter that it is a kitchen helper appliance, its a new toy.... period. Its the same way with the kids, he is right there anytime a new helicopter or rocket or RC car is going for its first spin!! ♥ that about him!!!

The other half bushel of granny smiths I hope to turn into pie filling and can it but being so early in the season no one around here has clear jel called for in the recipe. I've called around to every place I can think of and no luck but I hope to go out today and see if Walmart has any. I actually called and they told me they do but when I was there yesterday getting my months worth of groceries I looked and it wasn't in the space they had told me, and by that time I was pushing a very full cart full of groceries and my little one was past being done shopping and I had to get home to get the boys off the bus so decided instead if trying to hunt it down I would just come back. So maybe there is hope yet that I will find some!! If not I guess I will try the cornstarch route and pray it works out!!

So I guess that is what I plan to do with my saturday, I had originally hope to have a cookout today but with 80% and 90% chances of rain today and tonight I am pretty sure that is out of the question!!

What's the plan for your Saturday??

Enjoy your day!!

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