Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday!!! 4/5/2013

"(_\_)" "(_I_)" "(_/_)" "(_I_)" "(_\_)" "(_I_)" "(_/_)"(_I_)""(_\_)" "(_I_)" "(_/_)"

Happy Dance Time!!!!

Today has been a productive day so far!! Before I even had my first cup of coffee, I was up, dressed, got Miss Priss dressed, packed lunches, saw hubby off to work, gathered up the kids, picked up dh's gram, dropped the boys off at school, ( Drank coffee on the way, lol) went to Lowe's, bought softener salt for her and our water softeners, Poked around in the garden dept, bought potting soil and windshield wiper fluid and back home!!

Now I've fed Priss and she's busy with Dora the Explorer, I've checked emails and now as soon as I finish up this second cup of coffee I plan on getting busy!! I've got cookies to bake, laundry to do (don't we always?) House to pick up, dishes that will need doing, Seeds to plant, flower pots to scratch around in. LOTS TO DO!!

Busy day, but the weather looks like its shaping up to be a gorgeous day maybe a little cool but its warming up day by day!!!

Enjoy the day!!!

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