Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday 5/21/2014

Good Morning!!

Another day at home for me today :) and yes I'm happy about it!!

Today I plan to bake bake bake!! I want to make some breakfast muffins and snack cakes. I have a fair amount of things that need attention here. General straightening and setting everything right about the place.

And then..... And then I hope to sew!! My girl needs some clothes that are appropriate to wear. I've not found in town anything that is to my liking or that my wallet liked. The clothing is either too short for my tastes or too expensive so the only other alternative I have is to make her something. I don't normally sew clothing so wish me luck ? If this little shorts and top experiment turn out then maybe just maybe I'm on to something here!! Which will be a blessing considering she starts preschool in the fall. I could very well be sewing quite a lot. Now to find a way to do it inexpensively!!

Dinner tonight is Chicken Alfredo, Yum!!

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