Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Please Lord, let it be fruitful"

This is the prayer that slipped past my lips on Tuesday.

Tuesday with the help of my mother, my Aunt and my Pap -who at 77 mostly supervised we put in about an acre of garden. I'm not great with measurements but that was what the told me and by the time we were done it felt like a football field size garden, lol I was one tired, dirty but pleased lady!!

So what did we plant exactly?? Well we planted:

6 Yellow Squash
6 Zucchini
6 watermelon
6 cantelope
1lb of corn
2 lbs of beans (2 different kinds)
100 lbs of potatoes
24 better boy tomatoes
6 yellow tomatoes
24 cucumbers
12 Bell Peppers
8 purple cabbage
12 green cabbage
2 rows of green onions - these actually still need to go in but I left room for them
100+ pumpkin seeds - Yes really, I don't know what I was thinking either, it was the last thing I planted and I think the heat was getting to me and I lost all reason and just went with it. Truth be told, I planted old seed, I don't even know if any of them will come up, I'm betting on most of them not but if they do, at least I can put the pumpkins in the basement come harvest time because they won't need to be worked up all at once.

Oh and this is the garden I planted at my Paps house. He doesn't garden any more but he doesn't mind helping if you want to garden, he just won't put one out for himself. He played supervisor most of the day, lol, it was a good job for him, he has a hip that doesn't like to cooperate much.

We got a really good rain  that evening after it was all planted, and so it was just in time.

I still plan to plant the garden at our house too, its not anywhere near as massive in size as the garden at Pap's but it certainly has worked to keep us fed and that is a blessing. We hope to get it planted this weekend. Weather permitting.

I am hoping to cut my grocery bill way down by being able to can most of the harvest from both gardens. Money continues to get tighter, my boys eat like men and soon our youngest will be headed off to school so I know expenses will only continue to increase.

I don't have control over paychecks, but I do work hard to keep our other bills low as I can so we can manage with what we have. With the costs of things continuing to go up this has been a constant struggle. I'm hoping the garden will alleviate some of the cost of feeding my family.

"Please Lord Let it be Fruitful"

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