Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Weekend

Another busy weekend is behind us. I cried Uncle late last night and declared the Weekend the victor as I was applying Aspercream to my legs and taking Advil in hopes that I could have a pain and ache free night of sleep.

Our weekend started out busy and stayed that way right up until dark last night when we called it quits.

Friday the kids were out of school due to flooding and boy did it flood. When we went to bed on Thursday night it sounded like someone had just turned the water hose on and laid it on top of the roof. The rain didn't even sound like rain it sounded like pouring water from a faucet.

With both the boys home from school we went out to get the supplies for the Scout Troop lunch on Saturday. It was a very simple lunch- cold cuts, chips, apples and juice.

Saturday we got up early, I packed us a lunch in the cooler and we all loaded up and met the Scout Troop at the church. We situated the scout lunch stuff in coolers and packed extra drinks and we were off. 5 cars full of Adult Leaders and Boy Scouts headed to Gettysburg, PA. It was an all day excursion, we visited the Military Museum, watched a movie, took in the Cyclarama and then visited the Museum and gift shop. Then we drove a little ways taking the car tour around the battlefield till we found a spot to pull off and make lunch. We set up all the lunch fixings on a rock wall buffet style. The Boys and Leaders could go through the "buffet" and make whatever lunch sandwich they wanted. We had Turkey, Ham, Salami, cheese, Chips, Apples and juice. I had packed our lunch ahead of time to after all that walking we chose to just lunch in the car. I got our softsided cooler out of the trunk and we just ate our packed lunch in the car. We had a similar lunch, sandwiches, chips/pretzels, apples, peanut butter crackers, water. Then we cleaned up, packed up and took in more of the car tour. Then headed home. We met back at the church to drop scouts off to parents and then called it a day. After a long day of driving and walking, hubby treated us to dinner at Outback. I was back home in in bed before 10. I have no idea when the boys went to bed, but Little Miss and I were out!!

Sunday we got up showered and headed to church, Hubs and the boys stayed home. When I got home from church Hubby sent me to get our gas cans filled while he worked in the yard. I filled the cans and came back home, hubby was ready to go so we left the kids here to watch a show, headed to town. I dropped Hubby off at Lowes to get fencing supplies and a few other things we needed while I went next door to Target for Sugar and Dog food. I met up with Hubs and Lowes and I picked out a few more plants while I was there. Then we grabbed a fast lunch and then headed home to have lunch with the kids. After lunch we gassed up all the equiptment and he went to work on the garden fencing and tilling while I got on the mower and started mowing. After I got the yard mowed I helped hubs in the garden. We planted 23+ tomatoes, 6 bell peppers, 1 tabasco, 2 cayenne, 40 onions and 2 pumpkins- YES REALLY, and YES I did just plant over 100 seeds at Paps but the hubs said those were old seeds and what if they don't come up. So I just went with it, lol We worked till dark and then called it quits. I was D.O.N.E!!

Still to plant is the beans, cucumbers and any other plants that the kids started from seed that have made it. But that is for another evening,lol

And that was my weekend!!

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