Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday 5/7/2014

Good Morning!! My hubby is off to work, and my boys are off to school. So far this morning I have packed dh's lunch, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, moved the load of laundry I washed before bed to the dryer and started another load of clothes in the waser. I promises rain to day so it looks like the dryer will get used more than I'd like today but I can't let anyone go bare so it is what is is!! Now, I sit here enjoying my coffee and thinking about the rest of  my day.

*I need to pull something from the freezer to thaw for dinner tonight.
*Continue on with laundry and hope to stay on top of it, considering the very busy weekend we will have, I can't get behind.
* Plant the herb seed I didn't get to yesterday
* Tidy Kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and hall, then sweep or vacuum.
* Replant some cucumbers by seed. We had some come up and not make it or not come up at all, So I intend to reseed and hope for the best
* Call dh's gram and check in on her
* Call my pap and check in on him

Lots to do as always, this list is just the highlights, lol

Hope you have a great day!!


  1. Always so busy! No wonder I never see you anymore. ;)

  2. Aww I know, we have to change that!!!