Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday 5/6/2014

I'm a list maker, I love lists. They help me get things done when my mommy brain gets frazzled!! I follow Brandy at  http://theprudenthomemakerblog.blogspot.com, she's a list maker too. She makes lists of what she wants to accomplish for the week, as well as lists of what she actually accomplished for the week. Its helpful I'm sure to her or I imagine she wouldn't take the time to do it. Lists are very helpful to me. So I thought I would share my list with you.

My goals for today are to:
*Take my middle son to school- normally he catches the bus but I need to pick up a few things from town so I'll drop him on my way
* Go to the Market and pick up a chicken and a few other things I'll need to make some soup for my husband. I believe seasonal allergies have gotten the best of him and he actually has a sinus cold and maybe even a sinus infection brewing. HOMEMADE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP to the rescue....or so I'm hoping, if nothing else it will be a comfort to his sore itchy throat.
* Plant more herbs
* Finish up laundry from yesterday- I had a bunch to start with that needed folded, then I washed and hung out 3 loads to dry, and today I need to put it all away as well as wash a load of whites.
* Clean up my house, and get it company ready before Friday
* Make list of what I need to make for my oldest son's scout troop's bbq fundraiser dinner that is being held this weekend. (Parents are in charge of desserts and I'll need to make a few)
*Order supplies for a large cupcake order that I'll be doing the beginning of June :)
* Clean out my fridge- its over due and scary, lol
* Clip my coupons, ad-match, make my grocery list

And you know as a mom there's more that needs to be done but I'm drawing a blank, so I'll stop now but who knows I may be back to add more!! 

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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