Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday 8/1/2012

WOW, I can't believe I just typed AUGUST 2012!!! Time is just getting away from me!! Before long the boys will be back in school and fall will be upon us. I thought it was a little strange to see a leaf fall from the tree outside yesterday and I noticed it had started to change into its fall colors. FALL, I am not ready for fall. There is still much to do, before we are ready for fall. I feel like the ant that needs to store up for the winter to come. If its only August and the leaves are starting to fall so soon does that mean that winter will come early?? Will it stay late or leave early again like it did this year?? So much up in the air and its unsettling.

I guess I need to step up my efforts to be sure we are ready, I do not like to be out and about once the snow is blowing. Well more so I don't like to have my kids out and about when the weather is bad, its not that I can't drive in snow, I drive fine and have never had a fear of driving in the snow (Thanks Daddy) but like my daddy always said its not how well you can drive in the snow its how everyone else drives and he's right. There are way to many accidents because people "think" they know what they are doing then they don't pay attention or drive way to fast for the conditions and before ya know it they've lost control of their vehicle. I won't be putting my faith in someone else's common sense. So I'll stock my cabinets and stay home, snuggle with my kids and enjoy them!!!

Ok enough about the snow!! LOL today it is rumbly and grey outside so I think we are in for rain!! I was able to work up the beans yesterday, but that is about all I got done besides meals. I took a headache yesterday morning and just felt run down, I tried some ibuprophen but it never touched it. I tried laying down with Kara when she laid down for her nap, I cat napped on a off for about and hour and a half but I couldn't shake that headache and it ached clear down into my teeth so I got up and took a daytime sinus meds and that helped some. I finished the green beans that my Pappy brought me and ended up with 14 quarts plus about 1/2 a gallon size freezer bag that I took over to Emmy as a thank you for helping me with the peaches the day before and I also took along  all my peach peels and veggie scraps- those were for the chickens, :) She was happy for the fresh beans. Someone had given her bean seeds they didn't need, she planted them and they turned out to be purple hull beans and they were not fond of them at all, she said they tasted best raw that when she cooked them they were tough and not good. I tried them raw when I helped her pick them one day and they were good fresh but I never tried them cooked so I don't know. We normally plant Contenders or Tenderettes. Last year my beans didn't do well and I bought beans from the farmer's market, the ones I bought were AMAZING, so I called back to see what kind they were and they told me Derby, so this year I ordered some from our feed mill. They are coming up beautifully!! I can't wait till they are ready to pick!!! I'm guessing if I take a mess to Pappy that next year he will have me ordering him some Derby seed as well!!!

My kitchen right now looks like a cannery. I need to get control over my kitchen today.  I need to wash down the peaches, label them and get them in the pantry, The green beans will probably need wiped down  before they go into the pantry but they aren't sticky like the peaches. I think I will get that task done first then work on the corn. I think I am going to try to can it this year. I usually thin husk it and freeze it but I am trying to conserve room in the freezer, hoping to catch some great sales or maybe we'll have enough money to butcher, we're not sure yet what we will be able to afford.

So my agenda looks like this:
Clean jars, label and put them away
Reclaim my kitchen and get things ready for the next round of canning
Tidy up or at least maintain the rest of the house.

I think if I get all that done with 3 kids in tow I'll be good to go!!!
Have a great day!!


  1. I need to start freezing my corn before Emily sells it all. I end up cutting it off the cob to freeze.

    I haven't heard of Derby green beans. We plant contenders and they do well.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


    1. I read on your blog where you still had a good bit from last year!!! I am hoping to try to can some corn this year, I've never done it but I would like to can more this year than freeze since I am still hoping to find some great deals on meat or be able to afford to buy from the butcher. I still want to freeze some on the cob, I LOVE CORN ON THE COB, lol
      Have a great day Cheryl!!!

  2. It has been some years since I canned corn. I might try some more this year. It just seems to take so much longer.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. Hi Dana,

    I found your blog last night and I can't stop reading! You're so positive and such an inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing!