Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good morning!!! 8/16/2012


Today is a day mostly at home, I've so far today mowed my husband's grandmother's yard and started laundry, checked the bank account and now I'm here checking in.

I've got lots of laundry to do, the housework to do as well as hopefully this evening work on our yard work.

I also need to finish one row on a baby blanket I am working on for my cousin Marjorie's daughter who's baby is due sometime next month. I need to finish it today so I can wash, dry and wrap it up, so I can drop it off to her tomorrow.

It's looking like a busy day.

I think dinner tonight will be Italian Sausages, with onions and peppers, served over rice.  Its a nice quick meal and since I am still not feeling up to snuff, dh is still sick as well and I am planning on working like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest and will probably be pooped by the time dinner time rolls around its a perfect quick no fuss meal!!!

Hope you enjoy your day!!!


  1. I hope that you get over this soon. I know what busy is. We have been going non stop as well. I hope that you have a wonderful day with your family.


    1. Thanks Cheryl,
      I am starting to feel better, whatever this is really do its best to hold on. I am done with it though so it can move on, lol