Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!!! 8/3/2012

Good morning!!

I am sitting here enjoying my coffee and listening to the washer and dryer running. Both of my boys are up but baby girl is still snoozing away!!

Whatever I had planned for Wednesday got thrown out the window. I got a call from my gram saying she couldn't breathe and was swollen all over and that she was headed for the ER and wanted me to meet her there. I got all the kids rushed through their lunches and got us all ready and we went to the ER. All in all we spent a total of 8 hrs at the ER, and the only news I have is that they think she has had a cardiac event but as to what kind or to what degree I have no idea. Still this day I have no idea and she is still in the hospital. I think they are leaning more towards a mild heart attack but with the swelling and fluid in the lungs causing shortness of breath I am leaning more towards congestive heart failure, but I am no doctor so what do I know?, only what common sense tells me.

Thankfully we have wonderful friends and Emmy came to the hospital and picked up my kids and fed them dinner. She is an angel I tell you!!!

My mother made it to the hospital around 5:30. She came right after she got off work. She would have came immediately if it was nessassary but honestly all I did was help gram answer questions and let my butt go numb with the waiting so there was no reason for her to miss work when I had it sorted and handled!!! My gram finally got into a room at I think 7:00 that night. Once I was sure she was settled my hubs and I went to get our kiddos. Hubs had met me at the hospital, he's a wonderful man, he knows I am uneasy with the hospital ever since I spent the week there with my daddy before he died. So he came for moral support.

I finally got to Emmy's to pick up my kids at 9:00 to say it was a long day would definately be an understatement.

Yesterday, Emmy and I went to my Aunt Ann's to pick the last of her green beans.  Pap had told me Ann had canned all she was going to and wasn't going to fool with picking any more beans. Ann said if I wanted them to come and get them. So we went. We also pulled the vines for her. There weren't many beans at all. Once we were done we ended up with 6 quarts canned, which I told Emmy to keep since she doesn't have any green beans at all yet and I've already canned some that my Pap gave me. It was hot and a little dissapointing to do so much work for so little a return but trying to find the best in everything I told dh last night that its 6 quarts Emmy didn't have, so that is a blessing all in its own, and that if we had turned our noses up then next time there might not even be an offer and we could be missing out on something bigger the next time. So we know we did the right thing, Emmy has some beans on the shelf, it was a help to my Aunt by pulling the vines for her and she knows that we are open to any gleaning that might come about.

By the time I got home last night I was spent but I did get a few things done here at the house, made dinner got the boys a bath and before I could bath the baby she was out cold. I wasn't far behind her, I was so tired.

As soon as she gets up, I will get her a bath then the kids have a date with their great grandma. She's taking them for school shoes!!! She is such a blessing to us!!! Today also starts Tax Free weekend so I am going to take their lists and get their supplies!!

The rest of my to-do list mostly involves the laundry, lol its starting to look like the hampers might revolt they are so full!! Gotta get a handle on that!!!

Anyway have a great day!!!

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  1. I pray your grandmother is okay and nothing serious is going on. I'm glad you get to take advantage of tax free weekend. It really helps. Enjoy your day and God bless.