Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday 8/27/2012

Good Morning!!

After having dh off for an entire week he went back to work this morning. The boys are up and taking turns getting showers then we will start our day. I have a good many things to accomplish today.

regular housework
menu planning
party planning- Brady's birthday is in 2 weeks!!!
rechecking supplies then filling bookbags....

Lots of little things that need attended to.
I also hope to do some baking today. I need to use up some apples- I'm thinking apple bread,and I also made 6 pies for the church yard party this weekend and I have enough dough made up in the fridge to make another two pies so I think I'll do that today as well. That way dh will have a nice suprise in his lunch box this week and I think I'll take the other pie to my mother for her to nosh on this week as well.

Canning is still on going but has slowed down a good bit, I think I'll make a batch of salsa tomorrow. I haven't made any yet and I don't want to be without!!!

So that is my day today, spending time with my munchkins and getting back to the swing of things!!!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Only two weeks til his birthday?!?!

    1. Yep Tif, only 2 weeks which means just about a month till yours!!!

  2. We love homemade salsa! Your pies sound good. I haven't made a pie in a while. I think you have inspired me. Enjoy your day and God bless.