Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday 8/9/2012

Good morning!!

Thank you for all the well wishes. Seems like whatever was bothering Little Miss was short lived and I am thankful for that!!

I am still fighting this cold, but I think whatever I am doing, it must be working because I am starting to feel like this cold might be letting go a wee bit. I still feel congested but not as much. So hopefully it won't hold on too much longer.

I've been taking it pretty easy, not really doing a whole lot, although with the boys help I did can 6 quarts of tomatoes yesterday. My oldest did the scalding and my youngest son made sure I had plenty of jars and I did the peeling and stuffing of the jars while sitting at the table. Then we made sure the jars were clean, my youngest son put the lids and rings on and I tightened them down and loaded the canner. I only had enough to do 6 quarts but its 6 more than we had and we worked together to get it done. Love working with my kids!!

Well I am going to get going, I need to swap the laundry, and straighten up around here a bit, then I'll retreat to the couch. I still haven't cut my coupons from the weekend and I that seems like a good way to spend my time perched on the couch feeling lousy. :) I hope to be getting over this cold soon, it sure is a nasty one!!!

Have a great day!!


  1. I am so glad that your little one is doing better. I hope that your cold leaves you soon. What a great help you had with your boys.

    You are doing a great job on your canning. It sure does help save money on the groceries.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. I hope you get well quickly and was glad to hear your daughter is doing better. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. Hi Dana,

    Summer colds are the worst! They're just so unfair! I hope you're feeling better soon!

    btw, you've inspired me to start my own add that to my list of thank you's to you!