Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday 8/5/2012

Good Morning!!

After being up late last night manning the canner, dh let me sleep in this morning. We've missed church but we knew yesterday that was plan as I had planned to go late into the night with the canning.

Here's how our weekend started out.....

Friday night my mother called after visting my gram at the hospital and told me that my Pap wanted to speak to me. So I called to check in with him. He told me that the beans need picking, the corn needs picking, and there's green peppers ready to be picked as well. He also told me he was down in his hip and didn't think he could pick much and if I wanted it, to come get it. I was in my garden when I talked to him, lol so I told him to give me a minute and I would call him back. I got off the phone told my hubby what Pap had said and we made plans to go picking first thing Saturday morning. I called Pap back and told him we would be there.

We worked hard and fast as we could in the heat, it was way too hot but we were able to pick all that Pap wanted picking. While we were there my Great Aunt Trish and Uncle Jerry came by to work in their garden patch that they have a Pap and Grams house ( They live on the side of a mountain and don't have any real garden space so they garden in Paps HUGE garden) They were there to harvest in their patch and gave me a head of cabbage and I think 4-5 cucumbers!!

All in all I came home with about 20 green peppers, over a hundred ears of corn and every bit of 2 bushels of beans. And the cabbage and cukes from my Aunt and Uncle.

While we were there, I went up to the house to change the baby, and while in the house my gram called from the hospital, they were releasing her after lunch and she wanted me to tell Pap to come get her!!!!! She was very happy to be coming home!!

We got ready, left and came straight home.

I started jars in the quick cycle of the dishwasher and made us a quick lunch. After lunch we got started on the corn first, as Pap hadn't sprayed the corn and most of it was buggy. We shucked the corn, sorted out what was usable and what was chicken feed and then went to washing and cutting corn off the cob. I ended up with 14 quarts of canned corn and some very very happy chickens!!! :)

Before the last 7 jars of corn was ready to come off, Tia called and said she and her son Scotty were coming over. She had went that morning to help us pick, and then went home to shower and wait for her son to come home from his Dad's. So they came over and the kids got in the pool and she and I went to snapping beans.

After the kids and the hubs were done in the pool it was about 7pm so we ordered out and dh went to pick us up some dinner. We stopped snapping beans long enough to eat then got back to it. It wasn't long till Kara was cranky and crying and didn't want any one but Mama so Tia and Scotty left to go home as it was late and I got the baby to bed and went back to the beans. Everyone else conked out and I was still had a batch ready to can so I put them into the canner and stayed up by myself till the batch was done. I pulled the canner off at midnight and decided I was pretty done in and headed to bed.

All in all it was a very productive day!! We picked all that I listed above then proccessed and canned 14 qts of corn, and 21 quarts of green beans.

Well I guess the coffee has kicked in and I am ready to get back at it again!! I still have quite a bit to do but I am completely happy to have it to do, if that makes any sense!! My grandfather blesses me so much I am so so so fortunate to have such a wonderful Grandfather!!!
Hope your day is full of blessings!!!


  1. Hi Dana,

    I am 100% addicted to reading your blog. As a matter of fact, my little one went down for a nap over an hour ago and I've been reading your older postings ever since! Is there a way to send you a note besides comments? An email address maybe?

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Renee! Thanks for reading my blog!! You can feel free to contact me here if you have a question!! I love feedback!!!

  2. How awesome of your Pap to give you all that, even if you had to pick it yourself. ;)

    My garden is a bust except for the tomatoes.

    1. That bites that your garden is a bust. We had such a hard time keeping all the wildlife out of our garden when we first moved here too, it was horrible!! Fencing is the only thing that helped and we have electric hooked up to that and that is the only thing that has worked. We bought it all in parts so that it wouldn't cost us so much all at once. I hope you find some way to make a garden work for you. It has really helped us out grocery money wise.

  3. Wow, you have been very busy. What a blessing to get all the produce from your grandparents.

    We don't usually spray any of our vegetables either. I hope that your grandma recovers quickly.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


    1. Thanks Cheryl! My gram seems to be doing much better, they have adjusted her meds so hopefully she's on the right track.
      My grandpap is awesome. He is so good to us.