Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Uh Oh spoke too soon....

So much for no one else in the house getting sick.........

Little miss told me last night her tummy hurt but honestly she was bouncing around playing like normal so I really never gave it a second thought...till this morning when she toddled out the hall completely covered in what I thought at first was wasn't and it was definately from the south end. :/

I took her dripping right to the bathroom, stripped her down and set her in the shower, I started the shower pulled the shower wand down and just let her "play" in the rain (she likes how the "rain" tickles her feet) while I rolled up the rug in front of the shower because it got dripped on as well and I went to investigate the bedroom....

Oh wow, what a mess, the bed was a mess, the pillow I had used to keep her from rolling too close to the edge when I got up was a mess, even the dust ruffle didn't escape the mess. And of course I am still feeling like Grade A Number 1 Chewed Up Butt, the only thing going in my favor is that I can't breathe so I can't smell a thing..according to my oldest I am very lucky that my nose is turned off. He even went ahead and took the trash out because evidently it was that bad, lol again the only thing in my favor is I can't smell a thing, lol

So I get her showered and dry her off and get her dressed for the day then back to the bedroom I go...
Stripped the bed, it was soiled through the mattress pad and on the mattress :/
I started the laundry, cleaned the mattress and febreezed the whole works.

She's had another nasty diaper since the shower but no blowouts thank goodness and otherwise seems fine....

Time to break out the bleach and the lysol!!!

Please Lord let this illness be short lived and gone from our home as soon as possible!!!


  1. Oh, I feel for you. I remember those days. We are still battling the flu with Emily, going on 3 days. I hope that you all recover quickly.


  2. Dana,

    Sorry to hear about the sickness in your house and hope it passes as fast as it came on!

    Thinking of you,

  3. Oh, I surely hope all is well soon and that no one else comes down with it. Hopefully, it will move out fast. God bless.