Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF!!! 8/17/2012

Good morning!!!

I'm working on my second cup of coffee. Hopeing for a little get up and go this morning, lol

Hubby's lunch is packed and he is off to work, all the kids are up and we are just lounging around before we get into our day.

Yesterday turned out to be pretty productive, I know I was tired by the time bed time rolled around, which because dh had to work late, which put everything in our evening routine off, well we didn't get to bed till 11:30, and I am totally feeling it!!

Yesterday I mowed my husband's grandmother's yard, I mowed our yard. We live on 3acre plots but about an acre maybe a bit more, is cleared on each plot that needs mowing.

I also did laundry, dishes, meals, meal planning, birthday planning, and loved on my kiddos!!

Today will be more of the same, we need to sweep the lawns with the yard sweeper. I use the grass clippings as mulch around the trees and such. Dh's gram's clippings will probably just be composted in the woods. If I had a way to get them over here I would use them too.

I have work to do in the house and garden work as well. Its a mess, the weeds are getting out of control. I didn't mulch enough and that is a lesson learned to be sure!!

I have some baking to do, tomorrow there is a celebration of life for a dear childhood friend who died a year ago. I promised to bake something, not sure what but I wanted to contribute some way.

My neice's birthday  party is tomorrow as well, infact we've been invited to 4 different celebrations tomorrow. There is no way we will be able to participate with all 4 but its so nice to be thought of and invited. I've made arrangements to get together with everyone but at different dates and times!!

So there ya have it, another day at home, trying to catch up and get things taken care of for the weekend so that we can enjoy the weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. You get more done when you're feeling ill than I do on a good day!

    Are you finally beginning to feel better?

    1. Hi Annie!! I am starting to feel better. I still have some pressure in the left ear and some congestion but well I am tired of being sick so I decided to just get back to business because being sick is bad but being sick and watching everything pile up around me is just worse so I HAVE to be better, lol

  2. We have friends who use their grass clippings as mulch in their garden. It works really well for them. Our mower doesn't have a bag so we don't use ours but I think it is a really good idea. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. My mom and great aunt use the clippings in their gardens too!!!