Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Countdown is ON!!! BA BA BUMMMMMMM!!!

LOL!! Here it is Sunday evening and tomorrow we go to school to meet the boys teachers. I have mixed feelings about them going back to school. I am ready for the most part to have more structured days more keeping on schedule and staying on track. But will miss the lazy days of sleeping in and hanging out with my kiddos.
What I won't miss.... The bickering, the attitudes, the laziness, the snarky comments from my preteen, the "unless we go mindless in front of a video game we're BORED" comments. Yeah totally NOT gonna miss that.

School starts on Wednesday and I am almost ready. Almost. I still need to grocery shop, get the boys haircuts and wash up their new school clothes and freeze the new freeze packs for lunches and add money to their lunch accounts, make up and freeze some easy breakfasts. Just a few little things. But they need to be done.

And then...well then little Miss and I will be on our own. ALL, DAY, LONG, till time to get the boys off the bus in the afternoon.

I think she is going to have a bit of a rough time. She's used to having her Bubbo and BrayBray right at her fingertips. 

It will take some adjusting to the boys being gone all day but we'll be ok.


  1. Josie starts school today. It will be nice to be back into a routine.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. Good luck. I guess Phoebe will have to come keep Starbuck company sometimes.

  3. Cheryl Hope Josie is enjoying school!!
    Tiffani, ABSOLUTELY!!!