Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday 8/8/2012

Good morning!!

It seems I've caught whatever evil  summer cold that is going around. I can't breathe, my head is pounding, my throat is sore, I am just miserable. It came on so fast. I started feeling a tightness in my throat  Monday evening then by the time I went to bed I felt pretty lousy. Yesterday was the worst. I had to go to my cake class then I needed to go into town for afew things, by the time I got back home I was D.O.N.E!! I curled up on the couch with the baby and we both napped for a while.

This morning I am sticking pretty close to home, I still feel horrible and I hope that whatever this is, that it leaves SOON before it effects anyone else in the house.

I'm going to send the boys to see if there are any tomatoes ready,and hope they come back with enough for a canner full. Sick or not the work has to be done. Thank God for OTC meds. They make it at least some bearable.

Hope your homes are sickness free and that you have a great day!!!

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