Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicken Soup

So the old saying is that Chicken soup is good for a cold....right?? Well to be honest I am one of those people that believes in doing things the old fashioned way. 

And we are sick and tired of being sick. I've had the benefit of going to the dr for an antibiotic,my hubs on the other hand, well he's a guy and likes to suffer for a while before he likes to break down and go to the dr.

So I talked to him this afternoon and he's stuffy and miserable and I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he asked me if I could make him some good homemade chicken noodle soup.

Yes, of course I can and I would love to make him some.

1. Its sooooo yummy!
2. I really believe it has some medicinal properties to it, I mean if it's worked for my great grandmother's and their large broods of children there's gotta be some merit too it.

So any way I thought I would share my version in case your interested..
To get it started You will need: 
A whole chicken
a large onion
a whole garlic head
3 carrots
3 ribs of celery
3 bay leaves
Thyme- fresh if you've got it
and a BIG POT :)

Ok so I unwrapped the whole chicken rinsed it off and removed the neck and giblets, rinsed them and put it all in the pot, I cut the onion in half, and I cut the garlic head in half NOT PEELING EITHER and threw them into the pot, I cut the carrots- (don't peel them either) and celery in half and put them in the pot, added the salt, pepper, bay leaves adn thyme, covered it with water and set it to cook.  That's it. Easy huh???

I'm going to let it cook till the chicken is good and falling off the bones, then I strain it all  and reserve the good awesome broth. I'll pick the chicken from the bones and it will probably make us 2 good meaty meals.

To finish the soup I'll take another raw onion, some more raw carrots, raw garlic and raw celery and chop them up and cook them a bit in another pot with a little butter, then add in probably half of the cooked chicken and enough reserved broth to make us a dinner size pot of soup then when it starts to boil I'll drop in some egg noodles and cook till the noodles are done then voila' Yummy good homemade chicken noodle soup!!!

With the other half of the reserved cooked chicken I can make another meal or freeze it for later, and I'll do the same if there is any of that good broth left as well!!!

So that's how I make soup!!

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